A bit mysterious, definitely unofficial, should be a bit of fun...


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Oh how I would like to do this ride. I'm just not sure if I would be able to stay up all night. Or if the wife would give me a pass for Sunday with a 2 year and a 4 month old.

Love the idea the way I am travelling at the moment it would be Hornsby pool for me, enjoy if your on the ride

Just like to point out, that this ride goes right past Hornsby and Cowan stations. Which are good points to depart and make ones way home for those of us that can't spare an entire night (or the recovery period)

If you live on the North Shore line, Main line or the City, I reckon you'll be home by about 1am which is pretty doable IMHO.

Good idea Jon thanks for pointing out other options

Now that I've worked out I can do the starting section, One question:

How does one get to Sydney Observatory Hill from a train station that is near by? I've never actually ridden in the city

Jon, you have two options for trains - Circular Quay or Wynyard.

Wynyard is probably easiest - go out the exit that gets you on to Kent St, join the Kent St cycleway and head north. At the corner where the cars turn off Kent to get on to the SHB the cycleway turns into a shared path. Follow it alongside the SHB onramp, past the National Trust building, use the short, but steep, shared bridge over the Cahill Expressway onramp, past Fort StreetPrimary School and there you are at the Observatory.

Get yourself to Kent St, either from Town Hall or Wynyard, and then follow the marvelous green paint all the way to the footpath up to the bridge.

Hey Jon,

Having never ridden in the city either (i'm a westy), my plan is to get off at wynyard meet for a coffee at the bar on York Lane right next to the station at 8ish, as advertised on their website. Then follow someone who knows the way. A quick look at a map of the city implied it wasn't hard.

See you there.
I'm really looking forward to this one. Will be tuning the bike tonight and sorting out what food to take.


this is tonight

wow its a really nice night to be riding...have fun

This was awesome! One of the best things I ever done.


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