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Thanks LR.

It was really great to have our naviagtion sorted! We only stopped once to look at the map.



Sorry to anyone I screamed at for having a flashing light. The most awkward part was where someone behind me had a bright flashing headlight and even the beam made me dizzy.

(I stopped to let that person pass, and figured out that I had to pace myself to stay at least one bike length away from the nearest flashing tail light in front of me.

Of course, all was well after the first big hill where I fell way behind anyway. I was probably one of the last to arrive at Newcastle.)

I rode in/out of Newcastle on the Fernleigh Track 0645-0730 and 1030-1130 and there seemed to be many more cyclists wearing panniers than I usually encounter.  Thought it might have been your mob.  Well done.  Those heading south after 1000 were looking pretty tired!

I made it in just over 10 hours. I had a horrible time* and can't wait for next year.

* bad knees, bad achilles, bad shoulder, bag too heavy, being stupid at the start.

Sounds excellent. If I am around when its on next year (I was away over the weekend) I would love to give this a go. 

Hey guys,

thanks for the ride. Started 45 minutes late on my new Vivente World Randonneur, so didn't see anyone for the first few hours which was okay but got a bit boring. It was humid and hot as well which I felt added to the experience and was having a great time buzzing up and down the hills on the Old Pacific Highway with my dynamo light. Didn't see anyone until the top of the hill tea stop at Mt White, then another bunch after the hill out of Mooney Mooney Creek which I rode up way too fast as I was to suffer for later. Was having as much fun as anyone has ever had at Maccas in Gosford at 2am with a bunch of riders. Have to admit that after reaching Forresters Beach I was getting tired and by the Entrance I was pretty much pooped and just pushing the pedals waiting for the end to come and wasn't sure if 'the end' was going to be arriving in Newcastle or something more permanent. Was very glad to bump into Nick from Cheeky and his friend Carlin (spelling?) around that time and we were able to draft each other from then on to save energy and keep spirits up. Felt genuinely surprised to have arrived at the Newcastle ocean baths and elated to see so many friendly faces.

Saw a few bleary eyed riders the next night at Omafiets' 1st birthday party, thanks for coming.

Was a great ride but no promise of doing it again from me until the memories wear off... maybe something a little easier next time, 185km from Marrickville was a bit much for me! Still feeling a bit dirty about being sent via Doyalson for no particular reason!

Did anyone else get hassled by a police officer in his car around along the pacific highway around Warawee/Turramurra? KU14 at 10:03pm (ish) told our small pack of 4 who were riding 2 abreast in the 1 lane (of several) to ride in single file since it was safer. I think an unmarked car gave us a solid toot as they overtook moments earlier before our exchange.

Awesome ride.

This was my first long haul ride, with many many firsts.

A big thank you and credit to the organisers.

A particular thanks to Garth who came and found me after getting lost right at the beginning (Long story, don't ask;)

and to SensualRider and another bloke who I don't think is on this forum. It was a pleasure riding with you, even if I did have to bail at Gosford - it is important to recognise when ones limits.

A pleasure - I was very grateful for your company.  Congratulations on such an achievement - hope to see you on another long ride.

I had to bail myself at Wyee - due to timing issues (had to get back to Syd for an engagement and I was worried I'd   be cutting it fine)

Here is my take on proceedings...




Anyone got any better photos than mine, all taken with my daughters point and shoot that got covered in sweat.

Hi all,

I've just moved from Adelaide to Sydney and have been following this thread closely. Im keen to do the Sydney to Newcastle ride, and was after some advice from fellow cyclists that have already completed it. Specifically, the level of fitness needed, any issues you had with the ride and is it worth my time staying overnight in Newcastle or is the train home a better idea?

Also any lessons learnt in terms of preparation, the route and anything else in general that you would do differently a second time would help me out a lot!


I didn't do the overnight, but have ridden through Newcastle (and the Central Coast) when riding to Nelson Bay. I went a slightly longer and more rural route via Wollembi and Cessnock the second time I did it /nuffsed.

IMHO, there is nicer riding of a similar distance from and returning to Sydney. May I humbly suggest you check out http://www.audax.org.au.


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