A bit mysterious, definitely unofficial, should be a bit of fun...


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So psyched.

Woohoo! See you there. This was without doubt the most painful ride I've ever done in my life. Looking forward to it

this time can we have a map that doesn't send us on an extra 15km loop for no particular reason?

mmm, wonder if I can make it back to Sydney for the start of the SM1200 by 6AM.

quite possible I won't be coming to this one

I'd say this will be more fun than the 1200 ;)

No doubt this ride will be fun and I really wanted to do it. I'd say I will be getting way more night riding done though.

you can always do this ride 8 times

Oh yes!  I'll be doing this again. :-)

I'll be doing it again. This time I will not try to keep up with the leaders but rather pace myself.

Fun times.

Anyone up for doing the ride with tail lights on steady?

I would, except for the fact that it runs the batteries down!

got some lovely hub dynamos for sale :)


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