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That's good to know.
So registration (Neil) is open (https://www.audax.org.au/portal/index.php?option=com_eventbooking&a...), note there is a limit this year of only 500 riders so get in early.

Registrations started a little slowly but have picked up in recent days, maybe a bit behind the numbers at this time last year. Registration closes on Wednesday 08 November at 23:59 so if you are going make sure you register in the next week.

Reminder that registration closes tomorrow (Wednesday) night


Forecast seems to be improving, now very low chance of showers, winds light over the whole route.

How are your plans Neil, where will we see you. Dabba forgot to tell us that the "revitalised" Newcastle Interchange opened a few weeks ago so that is the end of the train line now, a bit to the east of previous Hamilton but short of the old Newcastle station.

And I suppose Dabba is well pleased at the "Supercar" race we generously gave up from Homebush and gifted to Newcastle. While it is still a couple of weeks till the great event I am told there is a fair amount of concrete barriers and other improvements to the streetscape in the far eastern end of Scott St which is also hosting the final bit of Newcastle Overnight.

Any of the locals want to speculate regarding difficulties on Hunter/Scott from Darby to the baths next Sunday morning

Not sure about difficulties, but you'll get to experience some of the best asphalt in Australia. Apparently a lot of the course and supporting streets had their asphalt relaid at great expense.

I have got an update from there. The usual route from Darby Street into Hunter St into Scott St and down that path is out. Hunter Street east end is the problem. My source tells me to go to the end of Darby Street however cross Hunter street and ride along the water as if you are going to Nobby's Beach and then turn right at Nobbys and head to the Baths that way.

I have asked questions on the FB page but nothing is coming back. I'm sure there are announcements this week. Arent there supposed to be changed feed stations as well?

This event should be held in December for mine.

OK, assuming you can get across the old train tracks at the end of Darby. Otherwise double back a few hundred metres to Merewhether St and then down Wharf Rd.

Looks like it is going to be a great night and if you have suddenly discovered a gap in your diary for tonight the organisers will take late registrations at the start but be early, by 7 pm at York Lane or 8 at Observatory Hill for the 9 pm start. Look forward to seeing you all. Andrew, and others, make sure you get some rest this afternoon, no nodding off at the (handle)bars

It was a jolly good evening, even managed to find Neil along the way. 

I know I'm ungrateful but I didn't appreciate the locals sharing their drink with me. Decent old bruise has come up

Yes, was a great evening, maybe fewer riders than previous, it certainly wasn't that I was faster. A big mixed group with a sound system, mostly on Viventes and Surlys and adorned with party lights kept passing me and 10kms up the road I would pass them as they lurked in an all night servo and they would then zoom past again further along. As it turns out they almost caught me again as I crested the Fernleigh Track climb and I managed to keep ahead till Adamstown, exhausting us all in the process so we just stayed together till the end. You were lucky to find Neil, he didn't wait for me. Nice night, nice crescent moon, nice sunrise, got the 7:30 train back with some sleepy cyclists. 10 minutes slower than last year, can't think of what to blame.

PS: there was rumour at the start that R Berry was going to be riding but I did not see one.

You "got the 7:30 train back".

No wonder I didn't see any likely overnighters when I joined the track from Whitebridge to Adamstown around 7am.


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