A bit mysterious, definitely unofficial, should be a bit of fun...


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We are riding to Newcastle because we like it there. Much nicer than Sydney


What other reasons do you need?

I do believe that is Newcastle Ocean baths ?  where we had our school swimming carnivals and Tuesday afternoon sport sessions to learn gain our Bronze Medallions etc.  Brrr

Certainly is, MadameBike. Where we used to cool off with a few after work beers during summer - at 3am in the morning.

I'm assuming this is the spot where the post ride morning swim will take place.

The baths at 5:45 on Sunday Morning.

As Novocastrians say, the best thing to come out of Sydney is the F3.


Since I'd already valiantly sacrificed my fingers, here's a link to save your fingers from typing it out.

There isn't a whole lot more info on the website. Nor does there really need to be. Rock up and ride.

Expected average speed?  I mean is this a fast group ride, or does it welcome all comers (or almost all?)?

From the website, I believe all comers are welcome. It's not a group ride, but riders are encouraged to help each other where possible. More of an Audax ride without the Audax tag.

an Audax tag, along.

I'm pretty sure I'll be there.  I don't care if I'm slow.  It seems I won't be the only tortoise.


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