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These guys didn't get the 7:30 train back

Reddy, steady, go: Three mates cycle to Newcastle using Reddy Go bikes

great effort though.

I just saw that.

Fantastic effort.

Great publicity!

I feel for them. One year I tried on my slow bike (a modified Kmart bike created for the tweed ride). By the time I got to Gosford, I couldn't get it over 15km/h. I only had to wait about 30 minutes for the train from Gosford back to Sydney. To go all the way is an achievement.

I was stalking Justin at this point, just behind the photographer. They were at the second checkpoint when Neil and I were on the train 

And of course our annual alert, Newcastle Overnight 2019 is on again, 21:00 Saturday 16 November 2019,

Registration for this year’s ride is now live! Click here to register.

Click “Register (Individual)” and then fill in your details.

Audax and CA members $6, due to changes required by the insurers others $21 including a "one month" Audax membership (and insurance)

You going, Bill?

With a state of emergency declared for the next week and the chance of bushfires in Lake Macquarie area starting up again do you think it is wise to put yourself in danger and maybe others who have to rescue you by doing this ride at this time of extreme bushfire danger

Nigel, your are quite correct in pointing out the potential dangers of activities in high risk areas (as if the roads alone weren't enough).

Audax has risk management and extreme conditions policies monitored at national and regional levels to advise ride organisers and riders and if necessary to cancel / modify events. These decisions take into account any advise, warnings etc from local and state authorities. Contact details of all registered riders allow advise to be delivered to participants before and during events and a final briefing takes place at the ride start.

As rides can cover a large geographic area, I personally have the RFS "Fires Near Me" app so I can be aware of issues near or on the route and take action accordingly.

Currently the only incidents within 50kms of the route are "Advice" (ie lowest) level fires at Awaba and Toronto, both 15-20kms from the ride route on the opposite side of  Lake Macquarie. After Gosford the route mainly stays within a few kms of the coast.

The forecast for Saturday evening is a cool 16-18 degrees, light winds, high humidity and possible showers.

So currently I have no issues with riding this route.

Is the state of emergency set for Saturday? 17-26 forecast. Audax has a policy that rides do not occur during extreme heat and a fire ban was going to be a flag for altering ride dates. This will be discussed between the RO and Audax committees before the ride. I'll contact the NSW president today. Thanks.

State of Emergency is seven days from yesterday (11 November) https://www.nsw.gov.au/your-government/the-premier/media-releases-f...

Enjoy the annual inconvenience to city foisted upon us each year by the petrol heads that are the Supercars. Fortunately the races are on the following weekend.

You'll be there to see the races, no doubt, Dabba. Or do you have some compelling drying paint to watch?  ;-)


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