We have had a couple of media reports recently of cyclists hitting pedestrian and these are a couple too many but let's at least get into perspective the source of the most significant danger to both pedestrians and cyclists.

Also highlights the farce of equating the danger represented by bicycles to that of motor vehicles implicit in equating fines.


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Riders hit a dead kangaroo and crashed, vehicle following them ran into them, says ABC.


It suggests the vehicle was following the bunch too closely, doesn't it? #ametrematters

I hope it wasn't the cyclists' support car.

Of course, at 0630, it is still gonna be pretty dark these days. And a dead roo doesn't really have a high albedo to return bike headlights.

Age report now says it was an "oncoming" vehicle.

While it is possible that the strike breaking media executives "creating" the news in the SMH in recent days might have got it wrong the journalists of the ABC might be in the pay of the motor industry and are blaming the poor victim kangaroo who can't defend itself to deflect blame from motorists. And who killed the kangaroo and left it on the road, not likely to have been a cyclists.

yeah but bloody drivers again...

You hit anything you go back and check on it. Road kill is not dead until it is dead and often animals suffer a slow death that could be ended quickly with mercy. Not that hard to find the wheel nut lever out of the boot of a car or in the truck tool box. Then just drag the then dead animal off the road so no one else has the risk of re-hitting the animal.

This sort of thing gives me the sh1ts. Not sure if it is a pun Bill but the news (strike or no strike) could also be informative to people and suggest that everyone should stop and check the animal, then the vehicle and also remove it after after each and any animal strike.

Hope all the riders are ok


and check for a joey in the pouch

"Road kill is not dead until it is dead and often animals suffer a slow death that could be ended quickly with mercy."

A good point baa baa. Most of us not being country people would not think of a mercy killing, let alone doing it. I remember years ago a group of us were travelling in the dark after dinner in Manilla back to the gliding field at Lake Keepit. One of our number was a vet and he saw a sheep on the side of the road that had been hit. We did an emergency stop while he got out and put it out of its misery with his pocket knife. Once I found a couple of rabbits around my home that had been caught in traps and they had both front legs cut and broken. I couldn't do the humane thing for them, so my neighbour did it. Life is different in the country! On the other hand, I'd happily take out the rogue butcher bird that has been strafing me for 4 months of the year for the last 5+ years. A gonk would be no good in my hands, so a slug gun is the only option.

Drag them off the road, yes!


Last week in Vic we stopped at a bend of the Happy Valley Rd (40 odd kms out of Bright) to remove a very large wombat killed earlier in the morning and left bang in the middle of the lane.

It's just lazy and uncaring.

one report states the bunch crossed to the right hand side of the road to avoid a dead roo.  and was hit by a car. this implies a head on collision. IU would like to know what actually happened.  It was 6.30am  thus dark in Vic.

My interpretation of the various reports is the lead rider made it around the roo, riders behind didn't, and the car was probably was a short distance away, and was unable to stop in time, rather than striking them at road speed.

Pretty hard to see a dead grey roo on a grey road before dawn proper with the sun just starting to come up and oncoming headlights as well.

With close group riding you reduce the chances of failed-to-see-you collisions, but increase the chances of being involved in other riders collisions.

A horrible reminder that winter is approaching.  I checked my lights last night and ordered a new one.

Agree with baa baa a good friend went over a dead roo on a motorbike and did both collar bones - very nasty.

Still this type of "thing" is not addressed in driver training AT ALL. And to add to the complexity if it is around a corner and motorists are doing stupid country road speeds the person trying to do the right thing will end up roadkill. That happened to a teacher at my school back in the day - checked on a cow and bang car hit him at 110 km/h in thick fog.

I also don't think you can enforce mercy killings - some people would not be able to bash a roo or worse a joey over the head. Me thinks I would struggle with doing that!



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