We have had a couple of media reports recently of cyclists hitting pedestrian and these are a couple too many but let's at least get into perspective the source of the most significant danger to both pedestrians and cyclists.

Also highlights the farce of equating the danger represented by bicycles to that of motor vehicles implicit in equating fines.


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moto rider training does emphasise observation distance at least

no idea why is not done in the driver training, save for the absence of classroom

Very true James re mercy killings, should have noted if able.

Kinda natural for me being brought up on a farm and while it is never easy it can be done quickly with a bit basic know how. (haven't hit a roo or any animal for a long time but I still carry a sharp carbon steel pen knife in my car)

Have also successfully raised a few orphan joeys and felt a bit of regret if this the right thing to do when things go a bit off plan and they die on you for no reason.

Any updates on the riders?


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