I'm sure the courts have a good reason to hand down such an apparently light sentence but it doesn't seem enough to me.

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Well sometimes you just have to change the radio station or something because reasons.

At a stretch I would say properly punishing motorists would pack out gaols and like actually enforcing the law it costs money. Lots of money.


Death due to carelessness of another.  Very sad.

Did you read the comments, there's only 4 of them at the time I read them and  none of them are of the hateful ones we usually see.  I'm guessing the editors have been busy deleting the inappropriate comments

I agree it's not enough ; but 9 months is certainly better than the standard "barely a feather on the wrist" result we have been seeing

In fact; a bit of publication so that more drivers know it's not a "get away scot free for killing a cyclist" is already pretty good.

In the UK :

Contrast : If you have a firearm license and injure/kill someone society wouldn't expect you to get that license back.


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