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This doesn't seem to be over, though, going by this USADA statement: “Unlike the U.S. Attorney, USADA’s job is to protect clean sport rather than enforce specific criminal laws. Our investigation into doping in the sport of cycling is continuing and we look forward to obtaining the information developed during the federal investigation.”

It'll probably never be over. But I'm guessing it'll soon die down a lot.

Bit more here :- www.cyclingnews.com/news/lance-armstrong-inquiry-concludes-with-no-...

We shouldn't let ourselves be swayed by prejudice.  We have eminently qualified people sit in judgement and we have to accept that if they find there is no case to answer, then there is no case to answer.  Their viewpoint, in this case, was whether there is a criminal case to answer, which is a bit different from asking whether someone has done something wrong, or not.

Time for a change in thread title: Armstrong charged with doping by USADA.

Full 15 page letter from USADA can be found here.

Just heard this on the radio too. How can they possibly continue to do this? Is Lance the Lindy Chamberlain of cycling or what?

They can continue to do this because he doped and has yet to face any consequences for doing so..

The Federal investigation concluded that they would be unable to (or possibly just unlikely to be) successfully prosecute Armstrong on criminal grounds. They had evidence that he cheated, though, so they gave it all to USADA. Different legal system, different burdens on the prosecution. USADA clearly feel that the evidence is good enough for them.

Such a freaking circus.

Where's the double jeopardy rule in all this? 

How many years has it been?

Does anyone really care ? - probably every rider in that era was doped in one way, shape or form anyway.

By the time this all settles it will be 2100 and the 'final' record book will show rider #67 won.

And what authority does USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) have on TdF ? Jeeze.

I care and plenty of others do too.

The USADA has evidence of Armstrong's doping over an extended period of time. Their most recent blood samples, which they claim to show clear use of EPO and blood doping, are from 2010. Armstrong is still participating in professional iron man competitions (or at least was until he was suspended this morning). Why should the body charged with prosecuting dopers ignore evidence while the athlete is still participating?

I don't doubt the cleanliness of the rest of the peloton during the period of Lance's dominance - indeed that just makes Armstrong's protestations all the more unbelievable. The record books should show no winner for those races (it is ridiculous that Pereiro is considered the winner of the 2006 Tour). The point is not to make sure that we have a clean winner listed in the record books, that is impossible. It is to ensure that everyone is clear that no matter who you are or when you do it, doping has serious consequences, you won't get away with it even if your techniques are superior to the testing at the time, and that lying about it will only end up making you look like the fraud you are. The dopers will always be ahead of the testers, so there is good reason for old samples to be stored and tested as techniques for testing progress.

I don't see how double jeopardy applies in this situation. Firstly, this isn't a criminal matter. Secondly, even if it was, double jeopardy does not prevent a retrial when there is new compelling evidence that was not previously available. It seems pretty clear that USADA is in possession of compelling evidence.

In the end, I don't like hypocrisy, and Lance is one of the biggest hypocrites out there. I will be happy to see him face the consequences for over a decade of fraud, lies, intimidation and slander as he has tried to avoid being confronted by the truth. Schadenfreude probably isn't all that healthy, but I can't deny that I will be satisfied when Lance's hubris meets its nemesis.

I have to say I am fully in Rob's camp on this.  I don't really know why others don't care.  Just cos he won 7 times, if he was doped while doing it, then that sucks for the sport.

Wasn't he also sponsored by the US government? I don't think they would like it if they found out he was a drug cheat and nor would his other sponsors. He has too much to lose if he gets caught out being a drug cheat including all those who admire him for his cancer charity work.


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