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Me too Kylie.  I have always believe him to be a cheat (and Contador and others) but I think I was happier in a way with everyone putting their heads in the sand.  Now watching the whole Armstrong myth crumble is going to have bad flow-on effects to innocent people.

I feel the opposite, because I always struggled to believe someone could be essentially the best GC rider for 140 days of competition.

The impossible dream of winning 7 tours has been removed from the collective consciousness, and a single tour victory will again be viewed as pretty much a crowning achievement on a career, and non cheating riders will never be compared against that particular col du improbable again.

Good point Jason.  

I'm no LA fan, probably because I didn't follow the sport in LA heydays and have no vested interest in him, I didn't spend sleepless night cheering either him or his competitors on, nor did I shell out $3K to climb the same cols he did and watch him zoom past aided by witches brew..

For me the 'Fall of Lance' is not too different from say , hypothetically , Ivan Lendl or Borg, or Haile Gebrselassie. - would I care?  same answer, No. Increasing the story is unfolding like drug lord Lance (aka the Kingpin) has met his match in Travis Tygart (aka Daredevil) 

However, as I asked previously- Does anybody really care? , and overwhelmingly, the current sentiment shows the answer is resoundingly a Yes.  

Happy to "come clean" and admit that I stand corrected in the face of current testimonies.

edit - it is still a freaking circus, by the way.

First comment on SMH's story this morning is interesting:

Oh Lance! Why, oh why, did you fail us so? We were there with you, late at night, our dropped jaws cooling on the winter floorboards as we watched you, followed you, for so many years. We were dreaming to be you when that pimpled bike shop assistant sold us a $3000 USPS-coloured road bike.

We took eggs and abuse from ute-driving tradies as we wore yellow jerseys and lycra over our shaved legs, because we wanted to be you. We accessorized and, over a soy cappuccino on a Saturday morning, compared the weights of our gizmos with our new peloton mates, so we could ride like you. We stopped drinking full-strength beer, so we could look like you. We wore yellow bracelets, not for cancer, but for you. You inspired us to be our best!

Oh Lance, why did you have to get caught? You killed the dream. I'm going for a jog.

Andrew Location At the bottom of Alpe d'HuezDate and timeOctober 18, 2012, 1:09AM

Well I think they meant, why did you cheat. That's a 1am post. In vino not very accuratas. 

No words. (Except maybe sheesh.)

Hi Matt,   After someone with a similar name to yours wrote in the Sunday paper that he could be saved if he fesses up, I suppose that guy doesn't think so now?

It transpires now that if he does confess, he goes to gaol so he has to stay mum.

Actually, I still think he should come clean. Even if found guilty of perjury, he would be unlikely to go to/spend too much time in jail. And I think there would be a (tiny) scrap of redemption if just owned up. And it might show that he isn't delusional, which is how he seems to me just now.

True, but it's not looking as though he's gonna.  :-(

Now it's Stephen Hodge taking the fall.

Please, please, please, let Cadel not go down too...

Really sad about this. I know Steve probably had to do it but he's a great cycling advocate. Terrible loss.

I hope he can get back into an advocacy position soon.


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