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It is about more than just a bicycle race, or seven, a decade ago. Armstrong's cult of personality, LiveStrong, is a mult-million dollar machine that has been built upon this sham of a narrative. The most insidious con is not that he cheated other riders to win some bike races but that he has cheated millions of people into beleiving (and donating to) him.

He is a fool if he thinks he is going to get away with it, and he has thought that for a long time... whether he still thinks it, I'm not sure.

To be honest after winning 7 TDF's and creating a multi-million dollar industry why would he risk it all by doping in 2010? He had nothing to prove. If he did, then he really is a fool.


Hincapies latest media contribution didn't seem to indicate he thought Armstrongs cult was/is all that bad. Maybe he's drinking the same kool aid or forgot about the purported bribe 'deal' that USADA offered him ? 


Hincapie said he had not spoken to Armstrong ''in a while'' but again supported him, saying: ''I feel bad that he is going through all this. Lance has done so many things for the sport. His accomplishments are incredible. What he has achieved in the sport of cycling, the attention he has brought to the sport of cycling and what he has done to the cancer society … is honourable. That's all I have to say about that.''

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/cycling/hincapie-puts-his-head-down-201...

Bloody Queensland meedja.

I wonder how the coverage of Origin is in France.

Et tu George, Levi, Jonathan, Dave, Christian and Jonathan?

I'm just waiting to hear that these guys are just lying, bitter cheats with an axe to grind... don't think that is going to wash this time (not that it ever did).

So we finally get Cycling in the headlines and on news bulletins.....instead of bloody Rugby League...
It's a pity it's for all the wrong reasons, but that's Meerdya for ya (gotta hate-em).

1. Read anything about Cadel Evans in the past year?
2. If this is a media beat up why are we talking about it here?
Stop now or there will be blushes.

But sport coverage is down to market forces, IMHO. Don't see a lot of basketball either, for eg.

Be careful what you wish for also! Tour is huge this year. Chances of it being bought by Nine?


Anyway, back to Lance. I'm uncomfortable with deals and plea bargains ...
Hey, when cycling becomes even more popular it'll be ads for Bunnings Warehouse and Coles ...

But anyway back to Lance. If he gets pinged what in the world will they do with the record books?

It'll be like when the USSR dissolved and they had to change the maps :P


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