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Col de la Colombiere in the news today. US Secretary of State John Kerry fractured his femur while riding his bike UP this pass, if my sources are correct.

I'd say Mr O' was lucky to survive his own encounter with this fearsome mountain.

This is now complicated...

Greyed out riders are the ones who've been caught or admitted to doping.

So Evans may be the 2007 Tour de France Champion...

An official from the UCI continuing to spout the (already discredited) party line, heavy on rhetoric, light on substance.

Looks like Pat is getting others to speak for him now, after being so vocal just a few weeks ago he has been noticeably silent in the last few days.

What I find supremely ironic about all these people who have a hard on for Lance Armstrong is that when/if their wish to see him stripped of seven TDF wins comes true then admitted drug cheats like Basso and Ullrich should by all rights get awarded some of the wins.

Great, the rhetorhic out of Travis Tygart rings particularly hollow when his victory of stripping a suspected drug cheat ends up rewarding convicted drug cheats.

Then again Tour De Farce seems to be the nature of the game.

The fact that Basso and Ullrich have been exposed and confessed to their doping, along with all the others who were exposed, means that no one will really consider them the winner, even if the decision is made that they are (the better decision, in my opinion, is to simply leave the winner blank).

The nature of the sport through the last few decades where EPO and blood doping were so ubiquitous and more or less undetectable/unstoppable means that this exercise is much more about simply exposing the cheaters than it is about working out who the legitimate winners of the races were. The fact that the latter is more or less impossible does not, for me at least, render the former irrelevant. The past can not be changed, but the future can - that is why we need to expose the cheaters and those that assisted them (and the evidence is already trickling out about wholesale corruption in regards to Armstrong being pre-warned about all of his Tour de France tests and planned raids of his hotel being cancelled) to get them out of the sport.

Armstrong himself is only part of the equation here and what happens to the results of all his races is really a side issue.

Yet another Newcastle journalist outs himself as a cyclist and comments on Lance.  This is good to see, as I know that we are widely represented within the Newcastle print media.

That rant was pro-cycling?? O...K...

Personally, I'd like to think Lance did it without doping. But on the basis of probability, considering everyone else seemed to be on the sauce, he probably didn't.

But I think the main reason for DQing him should be that he was good mates with George W. Bush. Don't get me wrong; I would have gone mountain biking with George if he had asked me while he was visiting the North Shore a few years ago, but I couldn't support his politics...

I didn't think that it was anti-cycling, it just gave a different perspective to it.

As to whether Lance did or did not, I doubt that most people, in or out of cycling, really care.  I don't, it's ancient history, let's get on with now!

Riding with GWB, the rocks on the path would have been able to carry on a more intellectual conversation with you!

Friends who met GWB through their work connections said that one-to-one socially he was actually a very likeable, very easy person to chat with. And my friends were not fans of GWB's policies.
I think for a president, he would have made a very good mountain biker. He just chose the wrong career.
Perhaps Lance is dishonest enough to go into politics, and GWB can take over his biking career. He'd like the bit where you just have to stand on a podium, wave and not say anything.

You don't think it was anti-cycling? He said that cycling was drudgery.

He mustn't be doing it right.

Today was a pretty big day, worth a bump.

USADA's decision has been forwarded to the UCI. You can read it all here. It has a 200 page outline of the evidence as well as copies of all the affidavits from witnesses.

There is evidence of over $1 million transferred from Armstrong to banned doping doctor Michele Ferrari - there is evidence that Armstrong was also working with Ferrari after his comeback to the sport as well as blood samples which display evidence of blood transfusion. All currently active USPS team members have received 6 month bans and had results revoked. Even good pal George Hincapie has confessed, and all riders have corroborated the team-wide doping program that Landis and Hamilton revealed.

The UCI have 21 days to ponder this before needing to decide whether they will accept the findings or appeal to CAS. I struggle to see how they could do anything but accept.

All currently active USPS team members have received 6 month bans and had results revoked.

"Hincapie accepted a suspension from September 1 and disqualification from results from May 31, 2004 to July 31, 2006."  

Nice one USADA, that'll teach the very contrite George Hincapie.


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