"Steve Hatherell is from Toowoomba, Qld. Last year his life changed forever when he was hit by a truck while out riding."


No charges laid!

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Ironically I am going to spend Sun/Mon/Tues in Toowoomba so I'll try to work out exactly where it happened.

Serf Noel

I came out of Westbrook Wyreema road and was heading west on the Gore Hwy. Would have turned into Shillidays road but did not make it. Check it on Google. Really wide, straight, flat etc. Should not have happened.

Thanks for the clarification Steve.  I have emailed Amy Gillett Foundation asking that they escalate this matter, even as far as the Ombudsman if necessary.  Apart from the fact that it should not have happened, given that it did happen, the driver should have been charged with several offenses rather than being allowed to avoid any charges!

Just checked Google though and it looks to me like Shillidays Road is East of Westbrook Wyreema Road, though I do not know the area? Not that the sun being in his eye is ANY EXCUSE.


Sorry, yes, east. Bump on the head has made me a little slow :-) 

Steve I should add, that amidst the anger and disappointment we are expressing here,  it is overshadowed by our deepest sympathy for you and your family for the terrible injuries you are left to cope with.

If there is anything constructive we at SC can do to help your situation please let us know.

As someone else here said it could have been any one of us.

AGF write that they are "speaking to our contacts in the various government departments."

I have no idea if that includes police, I hope it does.

It sounds like legal action is down to Steve.

I went to the spot yesterday. It is running East. It is flat, straight and wide with plenty of room for a truck to pass a bicycle. I have some photos.

Steve, I was out there today and you are certainly right. Clear wide road. I'll go back tomorrow with my camera.

But M'dV is right. To go from Westbrook Wyreema Rd to Shillidays Rd on the Gore Hwy is East. 

If the driver could not see due to the sun he should have pulled over until he was able to drive safely.

Given the serious injuries that Steve incurred, the driver should have charged.

People driving into the sun in the early morning or late afternoon need to take due care.  That road is wide and straight with a good delineated shoulder.

If the truck driver veered off the road and hit Steve, does that mean he was in the process of running his whole B Double off the road?  It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.


I wonder if the fake knighthoods will stay that way.

This all makes me very ill....it could be any one of us.


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