The Roads Minister surprises no one by ruling out the relaxation of the Mandatory Helmet Law for any Bike Share scheme.... 

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Interesting wording "The initial evaluation of MHL..." If I were a cynical person I would think that the Mr Gay is purposefully ignoring subsequent evaluations of the MHL which hinted at the possibility that the decline in cyclist injuries was due to many factors including the simultaneous introduction of stricter penalties for motorists who fail to abide by the law, the decrease in the number of cyclists due to the introduction of the MHL and other road safety measures (not sure if 50K zones were also introduced around then).

off topic: to me, the name in his signature looks more like Susan Cray. I think I will refer to him as Susan from now on.

We aren't getting a bike share any time soon. And would we really want to as things stand?

It is hard to see how a bike share system in Sydney could possibly be succesful under MHL and a far from complete cycleway network. You can imagine how that failure would then be used by various parts of government and media to set cycling back even further.

(Bike) haters gonna hate.

Anyone know which "recent study by the University of NSW" he's referring to?

Yeah two grad students by the name of M IghtB and Fic Titious  :-).  

Kiding don't know who - but my personal fav was and i think this reinforces the blind stats belief.   Monash UNI study into country driving speeds.  They published as fact, accidents were almost 0 on country roads for vehicles traveling at or below 80kph. of course no one was ever found driving below 80on a country road in order to have an accident so....  new road rule suggested 80ks limit to be applied  .  lies damm lies and statistics

It would be from the Churches , Olivier and Grzbietta cheer squad.

As you've quoted elswhere, the reality of bikeshare safety is 19 million trips on the Boris bikes in London, with not one death, head or brain injury, and next to no helmets worn.  But hey, this is Australian  safety we are talking about, and who would want facts to get in the way of "consistent messages"

So I'll just go outside for a quiet weep, and not expect something as brilliant, inclusive, sensible, civilised, safe and clean as a public bikeshare any time soon in Sydney.

Anyone know which "recent study by the University of NSW" he's referring to?

Here is the study. It was done by a team of helmet fanatics (linked to a previous SydneyCyclist member) using abstruse statistics. There is an interesting analysis of this study here.

According to the data from this "study", head injuries increased after the helmet law, despite a decline in cycling. That didn’t stop those fanatics from making claims like “the benefits of the MHL”.

This study was funded by ... the NSW govt, who uses it … to defends its policy.

They are treating us like fools.

Michael, UNSW's publications are indexed at

They're searchable, but the search results are the _researcher publishing_.  You need to then open the researcher then open their publications to find:

Olivier, J, Walter, SR & Grzebieta, R, 2013, 'Long term bicycle related head injury trends for New South Wales, Australia following mandatory helmet legislation', Accident Analysis and Prevention, vol. 53, pp. 1128 - 1134,

There is a notable additional safety benefit after 2006 that is associated with an increase in
cycling infrastructure spending. This implies that the effect of MHL is ongoing and progress in cycling safety in NSW has andwill continue to benefit from focusing on broader issues such as increasing cycling infrastructure. [opcit, Abstract.]

Perhaps not quite as "helmet nut" as suggested.

UNSW does get a little fillip about being mentioned in the press btw, you can speak to their media office and get details.

Might be good to ask Alex to ask Duncan to reference the 'research' he cites properly, so we can check it.

No point in having a bike share with MHL.

I think it is high time that we get a bike share program fully deployed.

It is only in the stark light of its failure that we can all appreciate the folly of try to do social engineering via legislation.

Looking forward to Adelaide Velo City Global 2014 when thousands of cyclists from the rest of the world face the gestapo boot of the Australian Police.

Velo City Global 2014

Problem is there are already two such failures in Australia - and still the helmet cheer squad insist that the reason they are failing has nothing much* to do with helmets

(the addition of 'much' into that sentence is a recent phenomenon, but hardly represents a sea-change in opinion on this topic. A micro-crack, possibly. At this rate, we can expect to get MHL repealed in around 2113.)


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