Stumbled upon a few articles recently on bike seats and came across these noseless ones:

I have only once seen one of these on a bike and I am intrigued as to whether anyone here has ever had a go on one?

I know they don't look very cool but aesthetics aside...

Found via this article:

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Yeah personally I am still pretty interested in the Selle An-Atomica mentioned in the above discussion and another recently.

It's all interesting stuff - I find the research and designs fascinating and exciting.
I need to get a better saddle for my wife for use on our tandem. But we really don't want to buy without being fairly sure we're the right one.. There are so many variables to get the correct fit and so many different saddle designs.

Can anyone point me to bike shop that have 'try before you buy' for saddles?
I reckon she could tell you.
My wife and teenage daughter both ride on Serfas ( Dual Density.. I think) women saddles. Saddle soreness is now not a issue but I would say for me they "look" too soft and gel like for anyone really keen on speed.( As a bloke even a short ride for me is hell on these things so I guess it must be the same for girls on a blokes saddle).
Picked up mine from Bike Barn at Parra as the owner gave a 90 day return if not happy option which is backed by Serfas .
Why did I buy this brand?
The owner/ sales fella has a daughter the same age and knew just what I was on about when I quizzed how to avoid the "I don't want to ride as my bum will hurt".


Sigh. Here's poor old me thinking it read "Noiseless Saddles" - it's the springs on my Brooks you know, can't decide if that is the kind of squeak a Brooks owner should aspire to or whether it should be taken to with a dose of ....well what? - Proofide? Chain-L? Personal L? 


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