Not strictly Sydney but... Wollongong Cycling Strategy 2030

Wollongong City Council is in the processing of updating/revising it's cycling plan. 

Now's the time to have a say

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“This strategy will provide a framework moving forward (sic) of areas for Council to focus on when it comes to improvements to roads, pathways and other essential infrastructure such as our permanent bike repair station at North Beach. It will also guide us on the road safety and rider education programs and services we need to support safe cycling, after all A Metre Matters.”

“It also provides an opportunity to look strategically at what our city offers ahead of the 2022 UCI Road World Championships and see where our strengths are, and what improvements we might like to prioritise before the focus of world cycling is on us.’’

Someone just realised the Worlds might focus a bit of attention on Wollongong! Anyway, good to see, hope a lot more bike lanes and paths will come out of it.

Have they released the UCI road race route yet?

Some ideas on the route here. The money seems to be on a Sydney start.

I like the one that ends at the Dapto Dogs track, with a rabbit chase.

That one would be fun.

I'd start it North Sydney, over the Bridge and then past the Opera house. Syd-Gong route and then Keira-Kembla. Then a Marine Drive finish, uphill sprint to the lighthouse

"...I'd start it North Sydney, over the Bridge...",

a more "authentic" Sydney cycling experience would include going up the 55 steps to the bridge cycleway and then single file down Kent St cycleway at lunchtime dodging pedestrians and stopping at each set of lights for a few minutes, then the normal 6 seconds of green allowing a few riders through, have to ensure there were a few construction zones with "cyclist dismount" signs and if they got out of the city the route would include a few long door death lanes where they could try avoiding being doored ( anyone doored would be disqualified for damaging motor vehicles), while getting 30cm close passes for straying out of the "cycle lane" / gutter, a bit of abuse, " #@!$%^&@@##, get a real job..." , a few encouraging missiles thrown from passing vehicles, we don't want them mistaking Sydney for a cycling friendly city would we.

What are you trying to say Bill :)

Killer course would be up Jamberoo Pass and down Macquarie Pass, then a couple of times up Saddleback. More scenic than Princes Highway leaving Sydney, and everybody has surely seen the Opera House.

You missed a tram tango along George!

Maybe a controlled start until flag down on South Dowling St/Southern cross Drive. 

They've actually done a reasonable job with some of the paths, but it's much more about leisurely rides than say commuting. For example getting to the Uni (one of the biggest local employers) is just a motorised hellscape

I'm preparing my submission now. 

Is there a design standard for cycle-paths and shared user paths I can reference?


“Aspects of cycling” - free download. Extracts on bicycle design from the general road design manuals.

Paths- “Part 6A”:

Thanks Bob


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