Apparently it is NSW Bike Week.


Has anyone seen any adverts, posters or whatever to promote this event? I certainly haven't and only found this out by accident about a few minutes ago. I'm pretty sure that if more people knew about this then it would have got a mention on CS by now.


According to the website "NSW Bike Week is a state-wide NSW Government initiative that raises the profile of cycling..." I wonder how they're planning on raising the profile of cycling with an event like NSW Bike Week if no-one knows about it.


(or have I just missed all the advertising somehow?)

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Well Sam, I guess starting from this apparent zero-level publicity, the awareness of Bike Week itself can only grow from here... :-)

The CoS has a Sydney Rides Festival from 8th Oct to 16th Oct.

Which includes the Ride2Work day on the 12th Oct and the Spring cycle on the 16th.

Plenty of events then.

Haven't seen anything today, except for plenty of cyclists.

Bike week will be over by then.
Sydney Cycleways, is this a part of anything mentioned above?
All week there's been some camper vans with stuff at the south end of the harbour bridge
I stopped and spoke to them this morning. They said they weren't part of NSW Bike Week but they too had seen nothing in the way of advertisements of promotions for NSW Bike Week either.

There are a few events planned over the next few weeks (sydney cycle challenge, ride to work day etc.) that are getting a little bit of publicity but I didn't see anything in the run up to this week and so far have seen nothing promoting the currently occuring NSW Bike Week.

Guess the question is whether they've been promoting it & the media wont run it - or they havent been promoting it!
Even if the media hasn't been promoting it I would have least expected to see some posters dotted around town or maybe even on some of those flags like they have on Pyrmont Bridge.
there was an event on this morning at the spit bridge - free coffee and cakes etc - I guess this was to do with bike week but there was no way i would have known! no leaflets, maybe there was a banner ( not that i noticed ) , and no one promoting anything, other than free food and coffee - which was most welcome but seems like they missed an opportunity.

Maybe RTA want to say they have done something, but in reality have done nothing to promote cycling? i'll wait and see what the rest of the week brings.

Cakes and loot*! Cakes and loot*! Cakes and loot*! Yay!


I found out via facebook, forgot and was then nicely surprised this am. 


It was a Mosman council thing I think.


*Only those reflective ankle things, but they are free so, yay!

Why would the rta care


Because they are dedicated professionals.


Oh, hang on, must have slipped into a parallel universe for a second.


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