NSW Government's new cycling buffer laws mean drivers will be fined $300 for getting too close


Now all that has to happen is to get the police to enforce them.

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Yes, it's completely useless without driver education and enforcement - both of which have been almost entirely lacking during the trial period!

Melinda Pavement channeling Duncan Gay about "respect", aargh. At least the end of the trial meant there was a bit of an effort to remind motorists of the 1m rule.

Bicycle NSW had the announcement on Facebook yesterday.  I among others was disappointed they used a Lycra clad rider in front of the cameras.   I feel they should have 2 or 3 riders.  Say Mr & Ms lycra, Mr & Ms & child commuter to demonstrate the diversity.  Constantly using the same imagery is jarring when you are trying to get a message across.  Pavement was also on ABC Sydney.  She was very unsure about the respect I felt.

Yeah, the BNSW Prez should have been in his civvies, though he did look good in Lycra.

I didn't know that it applied to the back and front of the bike.  Did they fix the flaw that there was not 1/1.5mtr rule on the left of the bike? for example the cyclist waiting at the right of the lane to turn right and the motorist passing on the left

I don't think so, another "flaw" relates to if you are riding in a marked but narrow shoulder then the 1/1.5m does not apply and b-doubles can brush your elbow at 100kph. The actual rule wording is very restrictive and should have just prohibited any passing within 1/1.5m on right or left regardless of lane markings

I don't think the lane markings matter - the rule just says:

he driver of a motor vehicle driving past to the right of a bicycle that is travelling on a road in the same direction as the motor vehicle must pass the bicycle at a safe distance from the bicycle.
...[1m or 1.5m]...
measured laterally from the furthest right side of the bicycle to the furthest left side of the motor vehicle or any part of the vehicle (including anything attached to or projecting from the vehicle).

Doesn't seem to matter about lane markings, except if you are riding on the shoulder, which could be argued is not a 'road'.

"measured laterally from the furthest right side of the bicycle"

Interesting! Does that mean the bike itself, or the rider, or anything attached to the bike such as panniers? I'd say with my touring panniers on, my total road width would be at least a metre, and with normal riding, my width beyond the bike would probably be another 100mm or so beyond the handlebars.

The 2 pix I've seen used to show this are at odds with one another. One implies 1m from the centre of the bike, and the other shows 1m from the edge of the cyclist. Guess which ones the tin pushers will see!

Are those pictures provided as part of the legal explanation or are they produced for the news article, ie  external to any legal authority?

The one in the topic link is only shown as "supplied". The one below was shown as from Transport for NSW. The one below is much less ambiguous than that used by the ABC above.

The wording of RR141-1 includes trailers and  panniers, and panniers on trailers!

(3) For the purposes of subrule (2),
"bicycle" includes any bicycle trailer towed by the bicycle, the rider or any passenger on the bicycle or in or on the trailer and any basket or pannier bags attached to the bicycle or trailer, but does not include any flag or stick (whether or not flexible) attached to and projecting sideways from the bicycle or trailer.

Thanks Bob.


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