NSW Government's new cycling buffer laws mean drivers will be fined $300 for getting too close


Now all that has to happen is to get the police to enforce them.

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RR12  says a shoulder isn't part of a road, so it does seem the 1 m rule doesn't apply if you are in the car door lane- double whammy?

12 What is a road

(1) A
"road" is an area that is open to or used by the public and is developed for, or has as one of its main uses, the driving or riding of motor vehicles.
Note :
"Motor vehicle" is defined in the Dictionary.
(2) However, unless the contrary intention appears, a reference in these Rules (except in this Division) to a
"road" does not include a reference to:
(a) an area so far as the area is declared, under another law of this jurisdiction, not to be a road for these Rules, or
(b) any shoulder of the road.

Yes, I pondered that too. The rule only applies to a bicycle 'travelling on a road', so there's a good reason why you should never cycle on a painted shoulder or, indeed, painted bike lane. If you do so, you arguably have no protection under the 1m rule...

I contacted BNSW about this and they say they "clarified" the issue with the Govt and they believe the one metre rule does apply to riding in a shoulder. I asked if they have this in writing.

Good. And something useful from BNSW too!


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