NSW government to allow teenagers to ride bikes on footpaths under change to road law (ABC)

"Teenagers up to the age of 16 will be able to ride their bicycles on footpaths under a NSW Government change to the Road Transport Act"


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Shocking. But welcome news

In reading this I saw the quote "Bicycle NSW ....," Chief Executive Alistair Ferguson said.", but hello that's not the person we were discussing less than 2 years ago here, I am out of touch but seems they have yet another CEO, is that 4,  5 or 6 in the last 7 or 8 years?

I'd been trying to find out who the directors were following one of the more recent elections, but they must want to keep it secret because i couldn't find any mention anywhere. Perhaps it doesn't look too good on a CV.

So new they haven't got his profile details up yet


and why not seniors?

An improvement.

But still it begs the question why deny the same safety benefits you are offering those 16 year olds to those older than 16? Surely the average 75 year old person wanting to cycle is more vulnerable and less capable than most 16 year olds?  Likewise I'm sure everyone older than 16 would appreciate being able to ride safely off roads without breaking laws.  On the other side of the argument surely a 16 year old can present significant risks to other footpath users if they are behaving badly....

It just sounds like a government at pains to offer any safety "concessions" to cyclists.

from when? article says "will" that could be in 100 years!

Another step in the right direction.  Recently they permitted those with disabilities to ride on the footpath.

As pointed out by the others the next chip off the block is Seniors

I imagine they mostly leave seniors alone.

In my mind I am seeing this change as another baby step towards the idea that paths are for both cyclists and pedestians, whether formally a shared path or not.

I am hoping you're right but my sceptical attitude towards the liarbrels leads me towards their goal of getting cycling off the roads.

That could be the case.


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