NSW government to allow teenagers to ride bikes on footpaths under change to road law (ABC)

"Teenagers up to the age of 16 will be able to ride their bicycles on footpaths under a NSW Government change to the Road Transport Act"


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I wonder what Harold S will say? Also will it be passed down to the plod on Op Pedro?

The problems I see with this is it will become a weapon for the motorists against anyone who is riding on the road, and it will reduce the government's desire to create a proper cycling infrastructure. Plus it will get Scrubby and friends up in arms about how they're losing valuable space to those young "whippa-snappas" on them "dang-fangled-cycle-mobiles".

Peter, if you have not read it you might find the book "Bike Boom" by Carlton Reid interesting.

In the 1930s in the UK that first point you raised was a very hot issue, and this is discussed in detail in the book.


At last we are giving up child sacrifice to the mighty car. Took even longer than getting children out of the mines!

Cycling on footpaths has its own hazards, such as cars emerging from driveways. Also getting hit by  turning cars at side streets if a cyclist doesn't check, etc. TfNSW should do some road safety announcements, otherwise there could well be a spike in teenager cycling deaths.

Bob your 100 percent right. BICYCLE NSW WHERE ARE YOU?


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