NSW Govt to increase fines for Riders and require Riders to carry identification

From the SMH 15 July 2015.

Roads Minister Duncan Gay has convened a "roundtable" to discuss cycling safety issues, which includes members of motoring, pedestrian and cycling groups...

...Cyclists over a certain age would be required to carry photo identification, under plans being considered by the NSW government.

...One policy that seems inevitable is that the penalty for breaching the law as a cyclist would increase from $69 to something approximating fines for motorists...

BIKESydney's opinion: The tactic of distraction continues ...and is indulged.

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Not much to go on there, Sir Trevor.

I'll say Morocco just to kick things off but I suggest you post this in a separate WITWIMB discussion to enable the detectives to sink their teeth in properly.

This proof of identity will no doubt make it safer for cyclists!

Fines should relate to the danger the infringement occurs to others, which is why trucks get bigger fines than motorcars.  This has been discussed many times

Where's Amnesty International when you need them?

Makes the Rest of the World look sane.


Can't see this proposed requirement working for visitors.

So be a visitor, don't comply. I won't.

Do what visitors do.

As an aside, it seems possible that they are expecting more non-road-rule-compliant cycling in Sydney.

Let me be the first to welcome astromically larger fines as this will, just as happened in Victoria, result in cyclists finally gaining the respect of motorists. In fact I think we need a greater range of cycling offences with mandatory goal for serious things like delaying motorists, interrupting a motorist's texting in order to avoid killing the cyclist and causing a motorist to be embarrassed by their obesity while reflecting on the sleek form of a cyclist (especially those distracting females, another serious offence)

Hey, Adolf Gay, get real.  Most cyclists already carry ID of some sort. Ten percent (or something) of motorists are unlicenced, suspended, or on drugs.............They drive everywhere without incident 'cause there's not a cop on every corner.

Same will happen with bikes.

Just stop wasting my money on round tables and start spending it on straight cycleways!

Guy's - TELL HIM!

"Increased fines for cyclists"

What a surprise that Bicycle Network was in the room when this idea came up. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Indeed. The whole premise of these types of 'consultations' is a whitewash; governments have been doing it for years. You get a bunch of people around a table who basically agree with what you intend to do anyway, and then when you do it you claim it's been done 'in consultation with stakeholders'.

BV, AG and to some extend BNSW are so keen to be invited to these utterly pointless shindigs, and to continue to receive funding from the government, they just say what the gov wants to hear. They rationalise this with statements like 'it's only by being on the inside, having links with government and working with them that we have any hope of influencing government policy'. Unfortunately, they are naive and deluded, and being played for fools (as BikeSydney's beautifully written piece explains).

I've been warning for quite some time that as soon as Bicycle Network get some authority in NSW they'll be aiming to get cycling fines substantially increased. They probably would have been informing the minister of their wonderful success in policing the hell out of cyclists in Victoria.

With "friends" like these, who needs enemies?

Success for cycling advocacy would mean the end of cycling advocacy organisations (Read "organisations = businesses")

Little wonder we see no progress from government, auto industry & motoring org backed cycling advocacy groups. Why would they put themselves out of business.


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