NSW Govt to increase fines for Riders and require Riders to carry identification

From the SMH 15 July 2015.

Roads Minister Duncan Gay has convened a "roundtable" to discuss cycling safety issues, which includes members of motoring, pedestrian and cycling groups...

...Cyclists over a certain age would be required to carry photo identification, under plans being considered by the NSW government.

...One policy that seems inevitable is that the penalty for breaching the law as a cyclist would increase from $69 to something approximating fines for motorists...

BIKESydney's opinion: The tactic of distraction continues ...and is indulged.

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I hope that they don't make that the mandatory helmet for all of us Snowy!

What me worry, don`t blame me if it had been implemented by BN(V).

My new ID card and new address.

Damn, I`m on a Witness Protection Program for what I dobbed in on the drivers. 

So I`d have another face reconstruction surgery, new name by deed poll and another new address.

What about people that have no photo ID?

So do I too as I don`t have one yet.

But I was asked to provide the primary ID and secondary ID for proof of myself for mobile phone contract.

I haven`t got the primary ones as it needs of my picture and address but got the secondary ones that have it, so it won`t accepted it.

Will be getting the photo card soon? As I`ve never held the drivers licence and will never get one soon.

5 years for $51 or 10 years for $91.

Yep, there's a lot of people without photo ID. Are they forbidden from riding a bike?

not presently. and i think any reg would be tough to police, as without photo id it is hard to pin a ticket on someone for not having photo ID. Arrest is an unreasonably strong sanction.

Well, I don't carry photo ID as a rule (no licence), and I am *not* about to start toting my passport everywhere with me... bah!!


perhaps worth looking at the kerfuffles about the Australia card (photo ID) and its rejection.

Documented on the Parliament website.

As it stands Australians don't have to have or carry photo ID. Sure, they got medicare cards and tax file numbers up, but we don't haveo carry them.

Photo cards for special privileges, such as driving and ASIC/MSIC, since there are licence achievement and security checks to advertise. But not for be

ing Joe Public.

Yes and now everybody is talking about this instead of the removal of college street and the failure of the dec city access policy put out by Gay .



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