NSW Govt to increase fines for Riders and require Riders to carry identification

From the SMH 15 July 2015.

Roads Minister Duncan Gay has convened a "roundtable" to discuss cycling safety issues, which includes members of motoring, pedestrian and cycling groups...

...Cyclists over a certain age would be required to carry photo identification, under plans being considered by the NSW government.

...One policy that seems inevitable is that the penalty for breaching the law as a cyclist would increase from $69 to something approximating fines for motorists...

BIKESydney's opinion: The tactic of distraction continues ...and is indulged.

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$51, since cycling is a right you  can't expect a person to pay.

For me, it`s not for cycling but I`m told that I need photo ID and address proof for new phone contract that I need but won`t get it if I don`t provide the primary and secondary ID points of 100 points.

70 primary points for this card and 30 secondary points for medicare card. Damn phone contract,I need it better than pre-paid phone. I`ve got birth certificate but it`s not primary ID, farrrrrkkkkkkkedd.

ps, I`m not carry this card for riding if I might get it soon.

better to buy a phone and stick with prepay perhaps

that is what I do


Jason Stephen Milgate was issued with a $550 fine for travelling on a train without a ticket.

But it's highly unlikely he will pay the penalty. After all, he hasn't bothered paying the last couple of hundred.

Milgate has been slapped with 228 fines by police and rail transport officers in the past decade, but has failed to pay a single one, racking up a staggering $52,150 debt to the government.

While the majority of offences involve travelling without a ticket, Milgate has also been caught smoking on trains, using foul language, being in restricted areas without authorisation and interfering with RailCorp property.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/train-fare-dodger-racks-up-52000-in-fines...

They would go to more trouble if Jason were called Sue

Yeah but riding a bike without a helmet is a serious criminal matter. And a recidivist like Ms Abbott is like a red rag to a bull. I hear that she is now caught in the twilight zone that is Adelaide. Each time she goes there to defend the charge of riding a bicycle without a helmet, she rides her bicycle and gets another fine.

Sue is a gem


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