Here's the link to the whole thing. Apologies if this has already been posted here.

And here's the most relevant bit:


6.55 As discussed in Chapter Four, the Committee received a number of submissions recommending that NSW TrainLink’s rail and coach services be better equipped to store and carry bicycles. Ms Sandra Chipchase, Chief Executive Officer, Destination NSW, considered that increasing options to transport bicycles (along with surfboards, snow skis and other equipment) on trains would attract greater numbers of tourists to NSW TrainLink’s rail services and be a driver for increased tourism to regional NSW.273

6.56 Inquiry participants noted the significant difficulties experienced by passengers transporting bicycles on NSW TrainLink trains, with one stakeholder describing the current requirements as follows:

• • •

there is a limit of two bicycles per train

bicycles must be pre-booked and

bicycles must be partially disassembled and boxed before being stored in the luggage area.274

6.57 In contrast, the stakeholder stated that Victoria’s V/Line regional rail services allowed passengers to wheel bicycles onto carriages, provided luggage vans for carrying bicycles, and did not require passengers to pre-book bicycles.275

6.58 In tandem with making carrying bicycles easier for NSW TrainLink passengers, stakeholders stated that tourism to regional NSW would benefit if NSW TrainLink developed and actively promoted cycling tourism packages.276 Mr Christopher Henning noted that many regional towns already promoted themselves as cycling destinations and hold cycling events such as the Bicycle NSW event in Orange:

Cycling is already undergoing a major renaissance in this country, as the boom in bike sales, and the increasing use of bikes as commuter transport show. Cycle tourism should be encouraged in parallel with this as a growth area for a tourism industry which is struggling with the high dollar and the high price of petrol. Cycling encourages a more leisurely form of tourism which is more genuinely relaxing than travel by car. Back roads are a better way to view the country than main highways.

The Central Coast Regional Organisation of Councils similarly identified the international tourist market as being a potential market for cycling tourism packages:

Many international visitors appreciate cycling in their own countries and would be attracted to any walking and cycling opportunities on their visit to Australia. In this regard Country Link could also allow, within its ticket range, packages that promote walking and cycling opportunities along scenic sections of the magnificent NSW East Coast Cycleway. A good example would be a cycleway link between Gosford and Wyong Country Link stations where there are several kilometres of appealing waterfront cycle ways already developed.278

Committee comment

6.60 The Committee considers that there is great scope for NSW TrainLink to capitalise on the growing bicycle tourism market, and to therefore increase its own customer base and grow tourism to regional NSW. An effective way which NSW TrainLink would achieve this is by making it easier for passengers to carry bicycles on its rail services.

6.61 Consequently, the Committee recommends that NSW TrainLink considers enhancing its capacity to carry bicycles on its services and simplifies the procedure for using this facility.


The Committee recommends that NSW TrainLink considers enhancing its capacity to carry bicycles on its services and simplifies the procedure for using this facility.

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All we need now is for it to be implemented.

I'd really like to be able to do holidays by train and bike

Me too!

Can get on the Explorer to Broken Hill. No boxing required I think. Gets you to Bathurst and Orange, and points west, like Condobolin, but only on Mondays out and Tuesdays back, so you'd have to stay a week. XPT and coach services on other days.

Xplorer do need boxing of bikes. And Explorer needed 3 spaces of boxed bikes max.

Last time I used Xplorer to Canberra in `08 for my 1st and last Canberra Tour `08 charity ride crash that required me to boxed my bike.

Coaches needed max of 2 spaces of boxed bikes.

Gosh, have people been having trouble getting their bikes on country trains in NSW? Really? (Yeah, but only for the last 27 years.)

And it's somehow inconvenient to have to dismantle the bike and put it in a box every time you get on a train?

And you mean that that's deterring people from visiting rural areas? Who would have thought?

F#ck these people are dumb.

Only "consider" carrying bikes? Bit weak.

Hopefully they will put some hooks up in the luggage carriage.

Booking isn't a bad idea. Especially if there is a big event on, such as the orange fest, Bathurst b2b.

Shame Mudgee isn't on a train line.

Mudgee is on a train line. The problem is no train service on the line.

Even if there were trains, under the current regime, they wouldn't be much use to a family such as mine (i.e. two adults, two children) wanting to travel with bicycles.

Hear Hear! Online petition anyone?


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