I don't ride in state forest but I know that people do. My guess would be a private operator would ban bicycle from "their property",

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I am wondering about that myself. As I understand it:
Fire trails are regarded as public roads hence the NSW Police can dish out fines etc for riding without bells or Styrofoam hats. I would wonder if this will continue to be the case. 
They are able to close fire trails to the public if they are harvesting.
It will be worth while finding what the story is by getting the Greens or an independent to raise questions about the land usage. 

The comments here reminds me of what happened in NZ when the railways were leased out.  The leaser of the railway's was intending to charge farmers for having access paths that crossed the rails and pipes, cables, whatever.  The NZ govt stopped them by saying that they would need to charge the lease at its real value, ie a considerable increase in lease costs 

Is the Govt leasing out the trees or the land + trees?

Personally I wonder why the Govt doesn't simply borrow the money rather than effectively give away its assets 

It will not be only the State Forests that will be privatized. The Fisher's and Shooter's Party must be rubbing their hands, even more now. 

The fires, have given the Federal Government a green light, to allow the States to finally privatise National Parks and Reserves, in the name of community safety. All the issues that revolve around attempting to keep our wildlands free from developers will be too hard to support, with even more land clearing and development now. All in the name of community safety.

This is like, all of those utilities that have been privatised. Goverments, State and Federal, have let them run down through lack of adequate financing and deliberately poor management ... so that only privatisation can fix the problems? 

"This is coal, don't be scared of it", said the Liar from the Shire. Well, that no-hoper of a Prime Minister has given his victims, glowing coals in the forests, the townships, hamlets and suburbs. With more to come, while we wait for a real and effective climate policy.


Perhaps its a smart move, sell them before they burn

Fire sale?

I suppose if they keep selling off the states assets, when they are all gone we won't need a State government.

"The boots are on the ground, the planes are in the air ... ."  Wow, the bogan has new slogans.

This still won't make up for the no-hoper and his government's crimes against the Australian environment and humanity. 

The words of the people of Cobago to the no-hoper prime minister were poetry. I've been inspired to write a Haiku.

A traditional Haiku has three lines of five, seven and five syllables and also symbolises the season when it was written. 

You're not wanted here.

No one wants comfort from you.

Piss off you fuckwit.

A second thank you goes to the Gardian, for their excellent coverage and undoctored news report from Cobago, seen on Youtube.

Welcome back Warren, we have missed you, an especially appropriate Haiku too thank you.

I suppose you are looking forward to re-establishing the Bi-Centennial Trail in 20 - 30 years when if the vegetation ever re-grows

Bill, thank you for remembering me. I hope that you are well? I was injured as a pedestrian, which has taken me many months to recover. I'm now a cycling cyborg.

The BNT has taken a caning from the fires. Only the BNT across the ACT has been spared from this tragedy.  I've seen my share of smoke when on the BNT in NSW and Southern QLD. Crossing the New England Wilderness was stunning and smokey ... 

Bill the article says they are leasing only the plantation forests ie non-native forests. Conservation value nil commercial value high. Don’t have a problem with them selling this commercial business. They are not selling native forests which are a mix/ balance of commercial and conservation values. I have deep reservations about the lease of native forests in the absence of an independent regulatory body to oversee conservation values.


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