The recent use of a truck to mow down defenceless people, including five tourists from Argentina, has led to calls in NY for more bollards on cycle paths- but they already have them, in certain places. Check Google maps for this outside the Goldman Sachs block on the street where the attack happened. Bollards either end of the block, between Murray and Vesey Sts, but nothing to stop a vehicle going north on the Greenway, or accessing the Greenway at numerous other points. More on NYC streets blog

Dropped pin
near West St, New York, NY 10282, USA

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what's the solution?

bollards already are irritating to navigate , more bollards = more cyclist accidents.

I had a near incident on my Korea ride where I just managed to avoid a bollard , technically there was contact but no damage or injuries were sustained 

you can't crazy-proof everywhere

Bollards have gone in on the west side of Pyrmont Bridge - I think about a month ago.

It's happening ...............

I'm a big bollard hater on cyclepaths too, but some paths or areas like the Greenway in NY were an obvious target, and I wonder why did Goldman Sachs get protection? And why are the bollards so close together?

Bollards on Times Square pedestrian area apparently saved some lives from the vehicle attack earlier this year.

I'll cop the bollards on Pyrmont Bridge, so many people use it, but the whole DHA area is exposed.

Even aside from the terrorism angle, motorists have an appalling tendency to stick their cars wherever they can, including on pedestrian and cycle infrastructure.

I'm all for bollards if it keeps the cars out.

Or snowmen:

Latest is that "temporary" barriers and bollards have been put up. They were, a la Pyrmont Bridge, put in by a contractor, on an angle,blocking most of the path, but have since been placed at a right angle, according to a Twitter report.


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