This attachment contains the images referred to by MadameBike in this discussion.  They are extremely confronting, so do not open the file if you aren't prepared for some pretty horrendous photos.  I thought long and hard about loading this, and I consulted with Damian about it.  I have adopted one of the options that he proposed.

I know that it is off topic, but most of us drive, and I'm sure that we've all seen people using mobile phones in their cars.  This has left an indelible image in my mind, and I've passed it on to those people in my life who matter in the hope that it will do the same for them.

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Having seen a few confronting images over the years I'm not too interested in seeing more gore.

But why is this especially related to texting? Surely being distracted by anything whilst driving can result in carnage. Is it because texting is so prevalent and people continue to do it without considering the consequences? And that it tends to take all of your attention off the road for many seconds - as opposed to most of the other more fleeting distractions you encounter whilst driving?

OK Carlos - true - any distraction while driving could have resulted in this.  But I think we are probably all aware that texting and phone use generally is the most common distraction for drivers these days. 

I think it does relate to cycling too because distracted drivers are probably more likely to kill cyclists than drivers who are not (does that sound like the bleeding obvious?).  In fact, there have been a couple of instances at least, in recent years, where texting drivers have killed cyclists.

I think it is also fair to say that cyclists shouldn't be on the phone when riding either - for their own sake.

Or iPodded. I lose count of the number of cyclists i see with buds in on SUP and on road routes.

Dabba I thought you were going to post this in the already gone offtopic thread you were discussing it in. It really didn't need to be its own thread.

Sorry Damian.  I didn't consider putting it with the other thread at all.  If you are able to move it there, I have no problems with you doing so.  I don't know how to do that, if it's at all possible.

An interesting approach from Belgium:


This is excellent how ever. As good as this is it does no good being shown to us here. Why isn't this or something Australian being shown on prime time TV. You see people texting everyday as do I and everyone else, but why would anyone stop when the Police do it, I've seen it.

I spend my days trying to avoid these people. Saw a car swerve into the break down lane on General Holmes drive a couple of weeks ago just after telling my wife why I don't ride on the expressway. Love to know what distracted him on that occasion, I'm scared everyday.   

Wow,that`s really a good message to show the drivers to think twice before using mobile phone while driving.

It would be good to show it on TV on prime time but the censors will probably canned it.

Too many drivers don`t give a sh!t of using it while driving despite of the law.


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