Oh no, cyclist beats car in commute challange!

I don't know how many times they've done this sort of test but  the Tele had to do it again. A pity that they say it means that we need more roads.




I don't know about anyone else but last night I certainly beat the cars (and the train commuters) home.

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Good that the Tele did this and was reasonably positive.


"But drivers, many who have no choice but to use their car for work, are being punished." - they could have explained that those requiring a vehicle for tools & materials are being punished not by govt but by other drivers who are being selfish about not car pooling or avoiding car use.


I know a lot of peeps who drive because their employer requires them to have their own private car at work in case of a work related errand. I think this practice ought to be prohibited.

Says it all
"IN one of the great moments of shame for Sydney, a cyclist outpaced a car in a 25km race to Parramatta."

hopefully it might get some of the tele readers' brains ticking over

I'm with Kylie. The conclusion to that article was to prove the need for the M4 East

WTF. What about more trains, and increase frequency of the potentially awesome ferry service.

and what Martin said is so true as well. " those requiring a vehicle for tools & materials are being punished not by govt but by other drivers who are being selfish about not car pooling or avoiding car use."

It really annoys me when people chime in with "oh what about my tools" "what about the disabled"

This is NOT about  you then. It's about the majority who drive and are healthy and don't carry equipment.

"what about my tools"

it is why I bought a Big Dummy.  I thanked some guys on the M7 yesterday because I was drafting them, one dropped back beside me and we had a chat about all the tools I carry, how often I ride,etc.

So that's 2 more guys that now know it can be done.

yesterday's load

That is awesome.




I wonder if we were to let pollies know about this option and rationing discretionary car use whether they might be grateful for an argument not to build M4 East

Rob, that rocks. Nowhere near in the same league, but - I completely overloaded my panniers this morning and, I think, rather startled the colleague who was here when I got to work and began to do the Tardis-like unloading... :-)

But just remember, dear Tele readers - bikes are Evil!!

Ditto, should see what I fit in my Topeak DXP!


Have done a decent grocery shop with it which was pretty good with the QuikTrak, slid it off and took it in with me and packed it as the register rooster scanned the stuff, then slid it back on and off I went. Less double handling than using the car. Plus there is a bike rack right out the front of the doors - "rockstar parking" everywhere on a bike! Those 30 can packs of soft drink can prove tricky though.


Christmas shopping by bike is so many kinds of awesome too, some Bunnings trips have proven fun though.


Keep missing it on my camera but there is guy who fishes down at Woolloomoolloo Bay and rides up Bourke Street with a very professional looking multi rod holder holding about 6 rods plus other gear on his bike. I have seen dedicated fishing boats with less carrying capacity than this guys bike has.


I did tow my RIB (rigid inflatable boat) with my bike once, a 13ft boat with a 25hp motor. It has wheels that pop down from the transom and a handle at the bow that I attached under to my seat rails. Got some weird looks there, but given its as wide as a car with no trailer or lights I haven't tried that again though.   



'Rockstar parking' - so true! Nothing like being able to just say, 'oh, I'm right out the front'... :-)

Andrew, if you want to do the Bunnings run by bike, you need to talk to Dan. Some of his photos are on the site - he'll prob post a link here himself.

Cool - a gas-powered Big Dummy ;-)

As for "tools of trade" for 90% of the workforce - I'm guessing they range from a name badge to a laptop, all eminently carriable on any kind of bike. Excellent panniers and back packs are available for less than a month's worth of petrol or PT tickets.

gas powered sus? the airzound?  I got to use it yet again yesterday as well, guy in a ute ( what else) cut me off at a roundabout.  He stared at me in his rearview while entering the roundabout and almost collected a car that was already on it, probably thinks he knows the road rules.

Sometime I'd like to just get a job that allows me to leave my gear onsite and just tredle with my lunch and a change of clothes.

Nup, the 45kg bottle mounted on the handlebars ;-)


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