Oil poured on Bourke St Cycleway - all intersections between Cleveland and Taylor Sq

Warning to all who use it.


Some one has poured oil over the stop light sensors on all intersections of the Bourke St Cycleway between Cleveland and Taylor Sq.


Very slippery so hope there haven't been any accidents.


Please watch out through there, especially at dusk. The words I want to use can't be used here to describe such scum, especially where the route is heavily used by primary school children and infants in baby seats and in trailers.

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Reported to CoS. They are getting back to me. Will post any updates here.



Good, next time: Fire Brigade I would think.

Yeah, hopefully it gets sorted, otherwise tomorrow I will be the one riding to work tomorrow spreading sand from my panniers.

Strange, didn't notice a thing this morning.

What time did you pass through?


I had an early conference call at home so didn't ride though there till about 8.30 am.

Was about 8:45 was going southbound on my way to Fox studios.

Maybe (hopefully) they only got northbound.

lowest of the low

Has anyone taken the time to notify the relevant authorities? Police, council, RMS?

SMH & Terror?

Not sure about this one, my reluctance being borne of fear of copycat idiots. Hence I have only posted here. A few people at work overheard me mentioning it and one thought it was funny. Probably not the best thing to say to your cycle commuting boss.

This is absolutely a police issue. Anyone got a small child they can stand with at the intersection with your bike for the inevitable "sad looking family" picture?


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