Oil poured on Bourke St Cycleway - all intersections between Cleveland and Taylor Sq

Warning to all who use it.


Some one has poured oil over the stop light sensors on all intersections of the Bourke St Cycleway between Cleveland and Taylor Sq.


Very slippery so hope there haven't been any accidents.


Please watch out through there, especially at dusk. The words I want to use can't be used here to describe such scum, especially where the route is heavily used by primary school children and infants in baby seats and in trailers.

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'cept the Police aren't going to be the ones who get down and dirty and clean it up - that should be the immediate focus.

I was also thinking someone should let the "live traffic report" people know so they can add it to their live-from-the-chopper bulletins:

"There is a major oil spillage affecting the cycle lanes around Bourke St and Taylor Square. No carnage, no hold ups, the bikes are moving through it quite okay".

Yes, reported to CoS at 9.15 this morning, Haven't had a call back yet.

The light was enough that it showed up on my video at the Cleveland and Taylor Sq intersections. Could see that it was clearly only on the stop pad and no where else, with bike trails leading it into the intersection. 


If there is no action I might be able to at least use that to follow up.

Report to the police too I reckon. Might be some CCTV they can review?

Def report to police.

Perhaps to Inspector Anthony Metcalfe, as per here:


Wow. What a filthy criminal.

About as funny as dropping a rock off a bridge on a freeway, and requires even more effort / intent / planning considering needing to lug the oil can there.

Might have been a totally innocent mistake! It could easily happen, a Harley Davidson riding in the bike lane by error?

Or the street sweeper?

I doubt he'll appreciate the accusation.

Much more likely to have been a maroon Magna on the way to the mechanic to get re-registered. Actually on second thoughts, from what we've been told it doesn't sound like there was enough oil...

Here's hoping. That would be much better than if it was deliberate.


Or someone out there is not going to have any hydraulic disc brake function soon...



The corner of Bourke/Campbell at Taylor Sq has been 'sanded'.


Still oil at Foveaux and Cleveland Streets northbound only.


The one direction only lends credence to the theory it might have been the street sweeper - was clear oil though. Hope their brakes still work...

I this happens again, where you see an oil (or diesel or similar) spill on a section of road or cycle path, in the first instance (as in stop and call....) ring 000 and ask for Fire Rescue NSW and give an accurate a description of the location as possible. A 000 call must be responded to, and a guarenteed response will see a few handfuls of sphagsorb thrown over the spill in no time.

In the second instance a call to the police to start a chain of evidence if it is a repeat occurance and the work of a sh!tbag. It may be an accidental spill of fuel, cooking oil, chicken fat (it happens), but unless it's reported etc etc....!

Firey's are the ones to call to get a quick fix if it's a danger to the public, don't wait for council or contractors.


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