Oil poured on Bourke St Cycleway - all intersections between Cleveland and Taylor Sq

Warning to all who use it.


Some one has poured oil over the stop light sensors on all intersections of the Bourke St Cycleway between Cleveland and Taylor Sq.


Very slippery so hope there haven't been any accidents.


Please watch out through there, especially at dusk. The words I want to use can't be used here to describe such scum, especially where the route is heavily used by primary school children and infants in baby seats and in trailers.

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Strikes me as good advice. 

Let's say it's the inside word ....... or dare i say it? The Good oil ??

No - i shouldn't have said it!

I'd be against using 000. While dangerous, I wouldn't like to think of my call delaying service to someone in a life or death situation.

The Fire Brigade (FRNSW) are the combat agency for this kind of incident. And they (we) respond to incidents of a much lesser nature all the time. Trust me, you won't be denying someone else in a life or death situation. Spreading absorbent on an oil spill to prevent an accident is quite a legitimate reason to get them out.

But who will rescue all those kitty cats stuck in trees? :-)

Umm, something with a 0.22 calibre?



This morning most of it seems to have been soaked up by leaves, washed away by dew or something similar. The path/road is still stained, but not that slippery anymore.


Definitely no stains on southbound so my money is on the street sweeper or similar.

Maybe it was someone trying to get the signals working better by applying a bit of WD40;)

Rode up there this morning for the first time in a week so only just noticed this.

The cycleway from the Cleveland junction up to Taylor Sq has been heavily sanded (or gritted or whatever it is)  the whole way up (or down).  Hard to see where the spillage actually was.  Quite a mess.

Was there another incident?

I don't ride that path much - but saw on Facebook that there was another incident, sand was thrown on top and the little street sweepers were to go along and clean it up.



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