I found this old bike in a junk store and am doing it up.

If anyone knows what make of bike it might be or how old it might be, I would be delighted to hear.

There are no identifying logos on it.

The mudguards have holes for attaching a string like netting for skirt protection I think. Anyone know how to fix them in place again?

At this stage I have just  pulled it apart and getting all the bits together which will need re-chroming and getting the frame ready for painting.

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At a glance - looks like a locally (australian) made from the roughly the 1930s.  Healings, speedwells, superbs, some others all have those features.  I doubt the chain guard or hand grips are original. 



Thanks Jason. I am looking forward to this project so I appreciate your help.

Australian or perhaps English. I'm also guessing a Healing that were made in Victoria if I remember correctly before moving to NZ......or could be the other way around. I had a mens one year ago. Have a look under the bottom bracket for any markings. Take a pic of the lugs as that will make it easier.

 A good clean up and that baby will be like a magic carpet.

Malvern Star?

Actually I think you are right.  Double join from the loop to the down tube is a bit of an identifying feature.  Given bikes have 2, 1 and none, and Malvern stars were known to come with 2.


Example here http://stationview.blogspot.com/ with intact decals.



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