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Mens Road Race , Sat 28/06: 250km

White: Australia to ride aggressive Olympic road race

Making Olympic history the Stuart O’Grady way

note: "Without communication it's going to require a lot of quick, smart thinking on the bike." 

- no radio / team orders? 


Also :

So it's not like a pro team event where there are each teams of the same size.

I wonder what's the chances of countries with 1 participant ? NZ for example has 2.

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Replies to This Discussion probably - if Channel 9 can't find their arse with at atlas (as normal).

From the Ch9 website:

So before anyone else asks, not planning on watching the woman's event then?

I suspect the road race will be covered on any number of Sky's 15 Olympic channels - in fact they may even have a dedicated "GoPro rear view" channel.

That sounds so promising. Watching Karl flick between back to the cycling and other sports for updates between swimming heats. I can't wait.

Yep - we park our bikes in the same rack on that one. As if Ch9 wasn't depressing enough, the third and fourth words were enough to put me off...

Foxtel has a whole sports channel for cycling - London 2.  For some reason I can't see the TV guide in Safari so have no idea if it's the whole race but I'll assume it is and watch it whatever it is.  

Just found another way to see the schedule.  Men's road race on tonight at 6.55pm on London 2 and Women's Road Race on tomorrow night at 8.55pm

View of the start line of the Olympic road cycling course

ch 9 switches between events

Stuey organised a break. keeps looking back for the peloton. - something you hardly see in TdF

Hope you got that it in the email.

And now it's not on both - this is going to be a pain.

Oh wait nine has it on break away is 4.20 ahead!

Hows that gonna help?

I don't think they have the games!?


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