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Mens Road Race , Sat 28/06: 250km

White: Australia to ride aggressive Olympic road race

Making Olympic history the Stuart O’Grady way

note: "Without communication it's going to require a lot of quick, smart thinking on the bike." 

- no radio / team orders? 


Also :

So it's not like a pro team event where there are each teams of the same size.

I wonder what's the chances of countries with 1 participant ? NZ for example has 2.

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Yeah, no race radio for the road races - that's why it is important to have a guy like O'Grady in the team who can make those decisions out on the road.

Add to that the limit of no more than 5 riders per country, and it is a lot harder to control the race. GB will be trying to do just that to get Cavendish to the line, but it will be very difficult - I'd say they are just about the only team that wants a sprint and no one is going to help them make that happen.

If any team with only 1 rider is going to win it will be Slovakia - Peter Sagan is their only rider and has the capabilities to either make a break or win it in a sprint if it comes to that.

Other than the men's road race on the 28th, there is the women's road race on the 29th and both men's and women's road time trials on the 30th, then in August there is track cycling from the 2nd to the 7th, BMX on the 8th to the 10th and MTB on the 11th and 12th.

I think it is going to be a very interesting race w/o race radio and the team on the road will need to keep track of who is in the break etc instead of letting a team manager strategize for the cyclists while they eek out mile by mile like a drone.

I like the look of Boasson Hagen for Norway and Luis Leon Sanchez for Spain. As Rob says, only Australia (Goss), Britian (Cavendish) and Germany (Griepel) would be looking for a sprint finish. Australia and Germany will try and drop Cavendish on Box Hill, if not they will play the same tactics as at the Worlds - let Britian do the work and jump them close to the line.

Sagan should be marked out of the race. Should be, if they can. Belgium also looks pretty strong. Chavanel for France is my dark horse - just crazy enough to try a solo break and good enough to make it stick.

I'm tipping gold for Sanchez, silver for Sagan and bronze for Goss.

Anyone got some tips for who to watch in the women's race? I admit complete and utter lack of knowledge which is pretty shameful.

Marianne Vos - Netherlands. She's always really strong and has finished runner up a consecutive 5 times in the Worlds. The Dutch will be on the front for most of the race. And the Italian team, they always seem to be able to beat Vos - current world champion (twice in a row) is Giorgia Bronzini. Other than that, Nicole Cooke (2008 world champion) and Emma Pooley for Team GB will be keen to show their colours. The German team with Judith Arndt and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg should do some damage too. I think Gillow is the Australian to watch.



Ah if only it was "Marianne Vos - GreenEdge ergo Honorary Australian", especially if when she wins gold.

You mean Judith Arndt? I would be amazed if GE were able to sign Vos up.

No, but that was the intent. And I'm sure GE have spoken to Vos, and suspect the difficulty would be making room for both of them.

Broken clocks do show the right time twice a day, afterall:

It really is a major shame how the track events have been watered down to make way for MTB and BMX.

Good to have MTB tho, as you say watering down track is not necessary: they could water down the swimming instead eh.

As for Liggett's view of MTB as not an Olympic event... as informed as his commentaries.

Did he say that? What a tool.

Does anyone know if the mens road race will be broadcast live anywhere ?


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