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Mens Road Race , Sat 28/06: 250km

White: Australia to ride aggressive Olympic road race

Making Olympic history the Stuart O’Grady way

note: "Without communication it's going to require a lot of quick, smart thinking on the bike." 

- no radio / team orders? 


Also :

So it's not like a pro team event where there are each teams of the same size.

I wonder what's the chances of countries with 1 participant ? NZ for example has 2.

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Did anyone else noticed the bikes on the banks during the sculls/rowing ? 

I wonder if they were using electric bikes, quite a few of the riders were free-wheeling happily.

Nah, it was just downhill.

They be the coaches and spotters to see what the other crew are like. In Melbourne and several other countries coaches coach from the bank on bike. You do need decent bike paths. Most ride bombed out bikes so they know how to ride well without looking where they are going and what they are doing. In Sydney the harbour is wide and we don’t have paths so the coaches need a punt. Bike riding is now an important part of rowing cross training. Ex rowers make good cyclists but cyclist do not normally make good rowers but like bike riding it is a great bit of low impact exercise you can do well into old age.

nooooo! Fabian!

What a wonderful fairy tale win! 

I'll wager it would not have happened with race radio feeding 'safety information' to the riders. to study up on the women road athletes...

would be a fairy tale... but...

Once, twice...three times,  the Olympic Road Race SOLD to the dodgey doper with form.


Uran just misses out on picking up the Oscar for best supporting actor... perhaps it was the wag of the elbow to urge Vino to go, after the clearly unnecessary & prolonged inspection of the left barrier... just before he studied the ground.


or am I too cynical? (check link and watch replay carefully before you abuse me for being a hater- I'd like to believe the fairy tale

I take that back about the race being sold- I rewatched it....considering the run in was so curvey...and with the solid barriers blocking vision... Uran was scared of getting trounced in the last metres, and the chasers were close

That said, my disbelief and cycnicism is well justified... it was a severe error by Uran to look back so long...and then not look straight back to Vino.

And Vino, despite the bay blue eyes and blonde hair ... hardly exemplifies Olympic ideals of fair play

There will be allegations elsewhere though....

Lovely, a convicted drug cheat wins it. Great for the sport's image :(

sad but agree with you,  fact is that the Aussies ,Germans and just about everyone else ran a spoiler and killed the  race, fact is they probably knew they could not beat Cav in a sprint so why take him across, but it's the medals that count right >?

let me see, did the aussies get a  Medal in the road race then ?

Gotta love the AIS psychology, screw the game its the medal that counts.  

but ahem, where is the medal ?  would Porter or Goss have had a chance, the reality of it is that they believed themselves they  would have been beaten by Cav and they (and most of us) know it.

Therefore, negative race from GB's point of view , totally agree with Cav, and it does not sound like a whinge.

Watching the replay at the moment. The commentary is really, really bad. 

Other than that I thought it was a bit rich that Cav wanted to complain about others not helping. He singled the Aussies out, so clearly had no idea that O'Grady was setting up a different race up front. I reckon watching this that GB was naive in how they rode.

Even Boonen thought the GB team was in control of their strategy.

It's one of the things the lack of race radio exposes I reckon.

Imagine actually having to use your own eyes and brain to decide how to strategise a race, or pass information/instructions to your fellow team mates... oh wait, that almost sounds like sport.

Edit : Re: commentary - lack of on-screen information probably played a part here.

"As the race progressed the BBC's commentary team and viewers alike became increasingly frustrated with the lack of information on the gap between the leaders and the peloton.

As they urged Mark Cavendish and his team-mates to try and close the gap as the race entered its final stages, Hugh Porter and Chris Boardman were at a loss to explain to viewers how big the gap was."


I was slightly frustrated as well at the lack of 'stats' on the screen, but considering that that information would also be available to the personnel in the team car that the riders would drop back to to take water bottles from, in retrospect I didn't mind it so much.

O'Grady was a genius out there. The Poms ran a one dimensional effort.
6 Olympics and 16 TDF's worth of experience obviously paid off for him. Shame he just didn't get there in the last couple of hundred.
From the SMH -
Asked how he quickly marshalled the 12 riders in the first attack group he went with after only 20km, O’Grady said: "I was telling the guys [on the Australian team] last night, 'Without radios, most of those blokes are just sheep. They haven’t got a director telling them what to do.' They are at the Olympics ... I was using a bit of experience and keeping them motivated.’’

He was thinking on his feet (or wheels :-) unlike the brits who just ground themselves down with a strategy that does not work in the Olympics.


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