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Mens Road Race , Sat 28/06: 250km

White: Australia to ride aggressive Olympic road race

Making Olympic history the Stuart O’Grady way

note: "Without communication it's going to require a lot of quick, smart thinking on the bike." 

- no radio / team orders? 


Also :

So it's not like a pro team event where there are each teams of the same size.

I wonder what's the chances of countries with 1 participant ? NZ for example has 2.

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6th Place is good enough then, I would have thought Goss and Porte could have done better............oh, maybe not, they were sitting back minding the threat of cav hoping he would not get across.

For a few minutes around the 180km mark the rest of the Aussies were assembling just behind the B r i t s and Germans - I thought they were going to have a crack at a pursuit type run up to O'Grady, but they must have been too knackered and didn't have a go.

If O'Gradys legs were a few years younger he'd have really given gold a shot!

most of those blokes are just sheep

I love it. My respect for O'Grady has gone up another notch.

.....most of those blokes are just sheep.....

But surely that is a complimentary comment Mr O’Grady?

I guess we are not going to have a GMiOllyC summary, but shame Phil missed on a chance to call…LARS, BOOM, GOLD!!!




I guess we are not going to have a GMiOllyC summary

Sorry, not from me. (I can't bear to watch C9/90/95/96 anyway.)

But don't let me deter anyone else... anyone? ... MB? ... MO'?? ... PT???

Cavendish having a cry about the Australian tactics is ridiculous. GB hurt themselves by only trying to win the race in one way - with Cavendish in a mass sprint. Everyone else had multiple options, including Australia with O'Grady in the lead group, and if Vino and Uran had been caught he may well have got a medal.

If they couldn't control the race by themselves (and I say by themselves despite the fact that the Germans were helping, not to mention Team Sky's Austrian rider Bernard Eisel was also inexplicably amongst the GB train too...), they shouldn't have banked on Cavendish and Cavendish alone.

As for Vino... well, he has "retired" before but the gold medal should make his retirement after the ITT stick.

Vino's done his time and good on him. He attacked and it paid off. Well done to Vino & Uran for their countries first cycling medals. Even if Uran hadn't looked so long, which was probably due to being too tired & nerves, I don't think he had enough left in his legs to keep up with Vino. Remember that we are Australians and we think it's good that the under-dogs get up sometimes.

Stuart has done well and get my vote for the Australian cycling ambassador due to his constant leading effort in so many races.

Take a look at the bikes riding past in the back ground of this post race discussion on the Olympic road race.

No helmets, consistant flow of bikes and around 3:30 I notice a stack of them are "Boris Bikes". It looks like their hire scheme gets more usage in 5 mintues than the helmet restricted Brisbane & Melbounre ones do in 5 hours?

50/50 according to him.

Don't think it's a collarbone injury.

Also see his Tweets

-nice tweet re: StueyOG missing out on being flag bearer on his 6th and last Olympic representation for Australia.

---err and what are "mockers" ?

Basically, you predict someone will do something like, say, win, and, because of your assertion that they will, they don't, or they fail spectacularly.

Oh... But why jinx Fabian , Gilbert?
They don't have a realistic chance.
Wrong equipment... It's like swimming against textile swimsuits.

This pro-cycling event seems more interesting:

Some interesting aspects to this: regulation to keep the ride out of half the city (north of Thames), kettling, seizure of bikes thus far not returned, illegal denial of access to lawyers.

At the same time London is having a bit of trouble with 'traffic'. Good!


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