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Mens Road Race , Sat 28/06: 250km

White: Australia to ride aggressive Olympic road race

Making Olympic history the Stuart O’Grady way

note: "Without communication it's going to require a lot of quick, smart thinking on the bike." 

- no radio / team orders? 


Also :

So it's not like a pro team event where there are each teams of the same size.

I wonder what's the chances of countries with 1 participant ? NZ for example has 2.

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curious : why are the postion only given to the top 40 women and not the rest ?

See - HD after 40

All the men who completed were given a position.

HD = Hors delai

That means they finished the course, but outside the cutoff time.

The official website confirms that only the top 40 finished in the time limit:

That time is based on the winners time, plus a certain %.

Drat there goes my prepared rant on gender inequality and that if they already had the technology they shouldnt begrudge giving out ranking after top 40s....

nothing to see here... move on...

Ps: Thanks!

Some Strava art to mark the occasion:

It's a good thing those are really squares and so not "Olympic" at all or the IOC would be after him for copyright infringement. ;-)

Clever, but.

Landis leads Vinokourov tributes

Former professional rider Floyd Landis was quick to make light of Vinokourov's Olympic win. While the Daily Mailcalled the race winner a 'nobody' and CBS ran with the headline "Ex-doper Vinokourov wins Olympic road race", Landis contacted Cyclingnews with the following:

"If Vino says 'it's a victory for clean cycling" he'd be my hero. Alternatively if he said READ DETAILS HERE   that would work too."

Ok so the womens race is done. 

I had to find some info on

- dropped chain, punctures etc that was not mentioned  in

Time trials Men and Womens on Wednesday next

Evans has withdrawn from that race

- no replacement for him according to that page.

And Track program begins on Thursday! 

but none of the available riders are specialist time triallists

Who cares? Surely Stuey can borrow a spare bike off his mate Spartacus?

Done and dusted.

Womens TT

Kristin Armstrong retires after the win, what's her mechanic going to do now ?

Mens TT

No real surprises except Tony Martin managed split the British pair.

And Muttonchops becomes the Brits most decorated Olympian.


Can't wait to see what the Olympic version of "hot pants" look like and if they can be applied to real everyday usage/commuting.

... something to match some gloves perhaps.

Last day of track.... got to stay awake...

Meares to face off The Queen for Gold in the Sprint.

Hoy,  Awang, Mulder, Levy, Ven Velthooven and Perkins in Kiren Final 1st-6th race


A bronze for Edmondson in the Women's Omnium! Edged out of silver by a point.


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