Hi Sydney-cyclers,


I'm probably pushing my luck with the self promotion thing but I think there is more than a few people on this forum who will be interested in this and we all love to hear gossip first, so:




We're importing used bicycles from the Netherlands by the container and selling them in Marrickville. On the website all the bikes are listed for sale with two hitches:


 - they won't arrive until October at the earliest

 - the website isn't quite functional so you can't buy anything yet :)


Would love to hear feedback about the bikes and prices and any questions, bring them on.





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Fair trade?  Can we be assured the original owners were compensated for the loss of their transport? 

Sorry for sounding like a grump, but if you are offered a second hand bike in Amsterdam, 90% chance it is stolen.

well..... that went well........ lol
i'm not sure i follow...

Definitely not stolen. Unless the bike shops that are selling them to us stole them but it's not likely. The used bike market is huge in Holland. Most of these, particularly the newer ones, are trade-ins at bike shops, probably for e-bikes, my other passion :) Have a good look through the website and you'll notice a few things:


 - There's almost 200 of them on the website

 - They aren't from Amsterdam, just look at how clean and not smashed up they are (this is actually relevant to the stolen bike market question


I'd love to be able to offer up the receipts from shops etc to put the 'is it stolen' question to bed but I can't really just let all our contacts out to then be taken by the next mob that thinks this would be a good business idea to copy!  However, next shipment we will try to display the frame serial numbers while they are in transit to Australia. If any are stolen, the original owners will have a chance to look through serial numbers, as will the Dutch police. Unfortunately that didn't happen on this shipment, hard enough to make sure we got nice photos before they were packed


Yeah, that's a cool idea Maurice! I reckon there might be a market for it. And you can even electrify them as an optional extra...

I'll be sure to send people your way - people often ask about the Bullitt.

Thanks Colin! We had someone test riding the Bullitt today actually. Had a baby 1 week ago and is now looking at options to move around by bike together and not have to wait 6-18 months to use a conventional baby seat!

I'm sure Omar could be an Opa but not an Oma :-)


Finally, a bike shop in Sydney that will have stock for normal people (i.e. 60 cm plus).

Ha ha! You are truly lucky baa baa! There are sooo many nice bikes, particularly the road bikes, that I'd like to ride myself but as a 56cm frame-riding mini person, I'll have to leave those to you and Oli :)
Stock for normal people, lol!

I am picturing a 60cm tall sheep in a suit and bow tie trying to ride a Dutch bicycle...
we had a look last night and were interested in about 4 of the bikes. The gazelle omafiets  is particularly lovely . 3 weeks ago we were looking at these types of gazelles in amsterdam and couldn't find casing to put brakes. How would one put brakes on the omafiets. Also we were wondering on sizing since we would have to buy the bikes not sat on ?
The bikes have brakes, presumably built into the hubs.


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