Hi Sydney-cyclers,


I'm probably pushing my luck with the self promotion thing but I think there is more than a few people on this forum who will be interested in this and we all love to hear gossip first, so:




We're importing used bicycles from the Netherlands by the container and selling them in Marrickville. On the website all the bikes are listed for sale with two hitches:


 - they won't arrive until October at the earliest

 - the website isn't quite functional so you can't buy anything yet :)


Would love to hear feedback about the bikes and prices and any questions, bring them on.





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Hi Kerry,


there's obviously a lot of things to consider when buying something before you see it. Clear advantage to buying now is that you can choose which one you like most before someone else nabs it. Clear disadvantage - there might be one that's better for you once you see them in the flesh.


Some of your mob came and visited our (existing) store and it's straightforward enough to see what bikes they will fit by trying some of our new bikes, including Dutch bikes. More difficult though, is to know whether or not it's the right bike for you. Some dutch bikes are heavy, some aren't, some are fast, some aren't. We're assuming that if someone buys one before it arrives they feel they have a satisfactory idea of what it's going to be like to risk buying it. This might include people who have ridden similar models, brands and styles and know what they're like or people who are happy owning several bikes and know without a doubt that the beautiful Locomotief Amsterdam will have some place in their stable which is a fair swap for its price. I hope that there aren't too many people who buy just on looks or price and find that it was a bit heavy/slow/small/big for them and then think that all Dutch bikes are like that when in reality it's a more diverse market than in Australia.


About the brakes, if you can't see brake levers then they only have a rear coaster brake (back pedal brake) and no front brake. If you can see just 1 then it might have a rear coaster brake and one front drum brake or it might only have one rear brake. If you can see two levers then you have two brakes.

Don't count on being able to easily put on a front brake to bikes that don't come with one. The rims might not have a braking surface, there might be nowhere to attach a caliper. And they are almost certainly steel rims if they have no brakes as well, so rim brakes won't be particularly effective. It's the minority of the bikes that don't have two working brakes on them and my advice would be to leave them as they are, ie don't buy one without two brakes if you need two brakes. Those bikes are designed for a heavenly country where the world is flat and cars are separated from bicycles...



Doesn't the Australian standard require all bikes sold in Australia to have two brakes? See this: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/milliondollar-fines-to-put-the-br...
And this: http://www.bv.com.au/file/Supplier%20bulletin%20—%20Fixed-gear%20pedal%20bicycles.pdf
(sorry, hyperlinking is bad from the iPad).

Yes it does. But I loved this quote from that article:


''It's like cracking down on people who pick their nose when driving,''


Track bikes and custom bikes are exempt. I would argue that a vintage bike should be exempt. And to be honest the issue doesn't worry me. We're bringing in bikes for people to use as practical transport which in Sydney of course means having two brakes and the bikes we have reflect that. I think I can count on one hand the bikes with only one brake, from about 200 that we're bringing in. And they're very obviously retro, bordering on vintage. Maybe I'll add a warning on their product pages online that they only have a rear brake. Naturally we would make it clear if someone walked in looking at it.


It would be interesting to find where we sit with those laws selling second hand bikes. I'm pretty sure the pawn shop selling second hand bikes wouldn't even know if the bikes they were selling had any working brakes at all...



I haven't bought the whole standard but the regulatory impact statement says that second-hand bikes aren't covered by the standard. Here's the text:

Particulars of goods

Pedal bicycles, including fully assembled or partially assembled bicycles, but not
• bicycles having a wheel base of less than 640 mm 
• bicycles that are designed and intended for use as competitive bicycles with
single crank-to-wheel ratio and no free-wheeling feature between the pedal and
the front wheel 
• one of a kind bicycles, being bicycles that are uniquely constructed to the order
of an individual consumer 
• bicycles that are designed to be hinged or folded, or to be taken apart beyond
removal of the front wheel, for ease of storage or portability 
• tandem bicycles 
• power assisted bicycles 
• bicycles showing signs of appreciable wear or second-hand bicycles.



The online shop is now open for business, with new bikes added.

This is an awesome idea! And the bikes are so pretty.


Will it be possible to view and try out the bikes once they arrive in Sydney? I'm unlikely to buy a bike I haven't test ridden.

Hi Krista,


yes of course you can try them when they arrive. We are opening our shop at 117B Addison Road, next to Glow Worm Bicycles. We're expecting them sometime in October





Brilliant! I have told all my friends.


(I might just be a bit blind, but I couldn't find the store info on the website)

Thanks for spreading the word! You're not blind, the address isn't there yet because they're still constructing a wider door for us into the new shop so it's not ready for people to start showing up and camping outside waiting for the arrival of the bikes just yet...

For those who read this a few months ago and wondered when we'd be open, well, you need wait no longer. The shop is open Saturdays and Sundays, 9am-5pm. Feel free to drop by and say hi, and take some of our bikes for a test ride.

More details at our website.

plenty of nice bikes on your site.

Weee!! Christmas present, here I come... :-)


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