OMG doesn't Richard Branson know how dangerous it is?

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yeah, him and that Cadel guy

As someone on the BrisbaneCyclist forum said, "Love him or loathe him, what he doesn't know about risk assessment probably isn't worth knowing".

Clearly we know better here in the land of OH&S...

Well he failed when it came to assessing the risk of getting a helmet fine - then again maybe he didn't, pretty sure his minders would have persuaded Adelaide's finest to just let Mr Branson off with a warning. Gotta laugh or else you'd cry.

Fining him would have been fairly pointless, since the collection options regarding foreign residents are sketchy. I expect the police only wanted to warn him anyway.

Richard, Richard, should have come to Manly, you'da been fine

Great PR-stunt... Dick knows how to get noticed.

And yet another instance in which Australia makes itself a laughing stock.

I'm laughing!

Fixing his hair would have cost more than the fine!

There's this bloke from the USA who has a tag along behind him (probably his daughter) and flanked by the Secret Service motorcade- I saw it sometime ago and saved it for later.

You can tell from the rear tyre that his helmet weighs approx. 50kg. It contains satellite comms, nuclear (noocular) codes and a red button. If you zoom in on the windscreen of the first parked car next to the grassy knoll, zoom, zoom, enhance, you can see a reflection of the other side of the helmet which shows the small satellite comms dish.



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