Spectacular radar image this morning. Lucky for Sydney it’s just off the coast, but Newcastle is gonna cop it.

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"Newcastle is gonna cop it"

Yep! Getting it now.

Certainly did. But it wasn't that bad - the weir was still open for the drive to work.

If only it was 100km west .......

You missed it earlier -- well over Sydney and northern suburbs at 7am.

I saw very few cyclists out - zero on my commute this morning.

Also - I think you misunderstand how these things work.. that low is compressed up against the coast and the wet bits will always tend to fall along the coast as the warm moist air hits the land and the breeze veers

Must admit I bailed today in the Illawarra and trained it to work instead. 50km head winds + rain. Ouch!

My ride to work was one of my most miserable for a long time.

Very cold, very wet, rather windy. Yuk.


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