Another one of our number has had his life stolen at a young age this morning.  The TV report of the police interview indicated that the road was clear with plenty of visibility, and the camera footage seemed to show a reasonable shoulder.  The Police, in my opinion, said a lot by saying very little!  I suspect that there will more heard about this in the next day or so.  They are interviewing witnesses.

My condolences to his friends and family.  Another dreadful tragedy!

BTW - for a change, there was no mention anywhere of whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet.

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Yes, I had seen the story earlier and on TV. It`s a shame to waste a young life been taken away. Now it is the 14th cyclists to die this year.

When will it stop???  We will fear that more cyclist fatalities will happens again before the end of the year.

My condolences to his friends and family too.

I read this earlier, if I recall, the truck hit something (kerb? bridge?) and it overturned onto the cyclist.

This is a different incident, that was in queensland.


You are right, the 'beneath the truck' seemed similar.

Imagine just getting A to B and landing up beneath a truck.
Truly cruel way to get killed.
More details:
A male cyclist was killed after an accident on Minmi Road at Wallsend on Sunday morning.
Emergency services were called to the scene about 8.10am after reports of a collision between a truck and a bicycle, the Newcastle Herald reports.
A 36-year-old man was trapped under the truck and died at the scene.
A crime scene was established and Minmi Road was closed while the Newcastle Crash Investigation Unit carried out an examination.
The truck driver was uninjured and was taken to John Hunter Hospital for mandatory blood and urine tests.

Read more:

Title is wrong of course, it's cyclist killed by driver who did not switch lanes, or give safe overtaking distance.

Or watching the latest Bruce Willis movie on a windscreen mounted iPad, or reading the form guide, or twitfacing etc etc.

Two cyclists killed by HGV's in two days, both of which appear to point to the truck driver being epically in the wrong. When will the courts finally make an example of these people? If they can't dedicate 100% of their concentration to the road, they should not be driving trucks. Ever again.

For the one in Brisbane where the driver hit the bridge with his overheight vehicle - despite flashing warnings - it's pretty hard to be more in the wrong than this, and it's taken someone's life. 

What if anything will they charge him with? I'd suggest Culpable Driving occasioning death and working upwards from there.

However I won't be surprised if they go for something really lame like Fail to Keep a proper lookout...

The man was riding east along Minmi Road at Wallsend, when he was struck from behind by a truck, shortly after 8.

And with a short video of the scene of the death, also has police saying '....a little bit of a concern that this happened at this time of the day.'

Yes it's a concern when your country repeatedly lets this happen, refuse to pass safe passing distances, duty of care, strict liability legislations and more often than not, seeks to blame the victim.

On Street View you can see there is a left hand lane that ended just before the scene in the video, with a Merge Right sign and a long thin tapered merge line. Could be a bit like the crash on the Gt Western Highway before the Hawkesbury Bridge, which occurred at the end of a long merge. Dangerous if you happen to be cycling in the shoulder just at the wrong spot when someone behind fails to merge early, for whatever reason, and runs out of room. Prior to this Minmi Road is two lanes, so someone in the left lane might be caught napping. 

Sadly there are so many motorists who still believe we should not be on the roads and treat us with utter contempt. My heart goes out to this young man's family.

Well, finally justice may be served, although this report doesn't paint the truckie as a very responsible person.

Another driver who doesn't know that to slow down you lift your foot off the accelerator and put downward pressure on the brake pedal.

When's sentencing?


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