When I go touring I usually use Google Maps and its bicycle direction routing tool as part of my planning.

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for any other tool that covers Australia that might be better for bicycle travellers. I'd particularly be keen on a tool that has -
(1) Good bicycle specific routing (on road including dirt roads).
(2) Ability to download the route to a GPS.

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Can't fault Ride with GPS even with the free version, selection of map type options (Google, OpenStreetMap, others) and can download the GPX/TCX, only drawback is the free version does not allow "custom" cue entries, just the generated Google ones.

plus one

I've started using Ride with GPS for my trip planning in the last year or so. It's saved me quite a bit of time in planning. I've found that it does have a few wrinkles, so I also use it with OziExplorer (to remove the wrinkles and add waypoints for things like 10km distance markers, camp/caravan park/isolated food and drink locations, start/end of gravel roads) as well as being able to get a decent route profile for my daily route info on the handlebar bag (shown below). I find the profile to be really useful for planning rest stops. I use Garmin Basecamp and Snagit to capture a strip of the map with the route marked that is pertinent to the day's ride. Basecamp allows the maps to be rotated and still readable, so I start from the LHS of the map and work my way across for the day. The distance waypoints appearing on the strip map make it easier to work out location as a scale is not very helpful. 

Camp sites I get from the android/pc Wikicamps app, which I've found to be very good. It doesn't have much in the way of info on other accommodation.

I use all of this info on my GPS, which I keep running when the bike is moving.

The distances bracketed on the day strip below are meaningful. [] is a place of interest and () shows that there is food and drink available. The day strip is a backup in case of electronics failure, and as a quick reference.

Looks like I need to check out Ride with GPS .

I actually prefer to plan tours with paper maps but there is such a dearth of decent ones these days. (The best maps I have are NRMA Touring Services Touring Map Series from about 25 years ago. A little out of date now. NRMA no longer does paper maps at all.)


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