A quick message to let you know the NSW online permanent system is operational.

Not all rides are available as yet, this will take a little time.

Go to https://www.audax.org.au/portal/

log in

Follow Online permanents link found lower right of screen.

select region

select a permanent

enter required information.


Print out brevet


I have not gone through this process yet, who ever rides one first can correct the above and add to what is done next.

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This is a great leap forward making Permanents greatly more accessible to members and significantly reducing administration. I might have misunderstood but I thought Bec & Howard said that the on-line notification to the Ride Organiser when the rider registers was all the notice that was required, I will confirm,

While all NSW Permanents will be on the ePermanent list as soon as they get them organised (some need a little more information so that the brevet can be generated) the current list available is

Hopefully the ease of admin will encourage other Ride Organisers to put their rides forward as permanents and we can end up with a good list of options in many areas.

I believe Bhanu and Mark have done an ePermanent recently, perhaps they have some feedback.

While scheduled rides are probably better not everyone has free time on weekends so having easy to administer permanents is very good for many people

Excellent. I hope to be a buyer soon.

Thanks for the notification Robert.

Hello all.

The system is still in a trial mode. Check with the RO that a ride will be OK to ride on the particular day selected. There is no automatic checking of the calendar or conditions.

Link for the permanent rules is broken. 

Is the idea that, there will still be a notice period required before doing a permanent?

This http://audax.org.au/public/images/stories/Documents/National_Docs/b...

Still says

Entering a Permanent
13) The Rider must:
a) confirm with the Ride Organiser a ride day and commencement time, and
b) submit a correctly completed entry form and correct payment
at least 7 days prior to the nominated date, unless otherwise agreed by the Ride Organiser.

And will have to be changed by the National Committee (note for someone to put this on the agenda for the next meeting , this month)

I would hope a much shorter notice , maybe 24 hours, would be enough and this would be satisfied by the electronic registration. The 7 days was always justified by the need for the RO to fill out a brevet card, get it in the post, delivery time and for the ride organiser to make necessary inquiries to determine if the route was still suitable. The last point might still be an issue.

as an RO am I supposed to be "on call" at least once per 24 hours to say yes or no to a ride?

If that is the case I might call into action the bonuses that the Vic ROs get as standard. Little wonder they have so many permanents and rides.

It is an opportunity to clarify the expectations we have of great ROs. Some regions have Permanents Co-Ordinators rather than individual ride organisers and these are not expected to have any knowledge of the rides and just do the admin.

The US and UK permanents registration systems are completely automated and there is no RO involvement.

Any process automation always has to also address the people in in process who are harder to change.

Personally, I would be happy with an expectation that I, as the rider, will make my own inquiries regarding the route conditions.
I'd be happy with a fully automated system without RO approval being required to ride.

The manual system requires quite a bit of processing by the RO eg filling out a brevet and mailing it to the registrant.

In the automated system what would be the purpose of an RO being required to approve a registration prior to it being ridden?

If I am applying for a permanent it will because I am planning to ride on a particular day and would like the ride be an Audax club ride. If an RO does not approve the registration I will still ride. I will make my own judgement of route conditions as I do whether it's an audax ride or not.

I am reluctant to register for any permanents if it is going to mean an RO, a volunteer, is going to have to spend their time processing the registrations. Ideally it wouldn't be the case that the more permanents I ride the less time an RO has to ride ie processing my permanents instead of being out riding themselves.

The trial period for the automated permanent system is the ideal time to tweak the process. Can we remove the need for RO intervention in the process?

atm there is still the problem of having a permanent ridden on the day of a calendar ride. Someone needs to check this.

I tried the system last night, ordered myself a little 50 for Saturday morning. But who knew Bec and Howard had a ride on, a 50km ride included!

Being the RO of the ride I wanted to do, I can't cancel it.

A simple, initial check the automated system could do is look for any calendar rides on the date of the permanent. 5 or 6 days per week there won't be any calendar rides. No checking by RO required.
Only if there are calendar rides on the date of the permanent does there need to be a check of location and distance.

a great feature to add, the volunteer writing the code needs a bit of time :o)

The Rules say,

A Rider must not ride a Permanent in the same local area and on the same day as:

a) an Audax Australia calendared event of the same nominal distance;

So what is the "same local area"? For convenience the NSW Permanents web page groups "Sydney" rides together but is it reasonable to expect a rider say in the Hills district to ride 60+ kms (round trip)  to a Hornsby start for a 50 or drive (evil)  or spend 4+ hours on public transport or is it more reasonable to allow them to just spend 15 minutes riding to a Parramatta start on the same day?

Is it even "reasonable" to exclude other Hornsby starts of the same distance on the same day if the rider has a work shift that prevents them from making the scheduled start at 6am but allows them to do a permanent 4 hours later. "Flexible" working patterns are more common and will become even more so.

I agree that scheduled rides are better for the club health but doing any club ride is also better than doing no club ride even if on the same day etc. I don't really think this is a problem and if it was we would have to ask is the "problem" something wrong with the scheduled ride?

The IT resource has a lot of demands on their time eg I spent 6 hours yesterday entering BRMs into the French ACP system and then into the Audax Oz results system, sending emails to ROs who have not reported results for rides almost 30 days ago (ACP requires entry of results within 30 days or cancellation of the ride) and sending Brevet Numbers and Stickers to Regional Brevet Secretaries.......

So lets get the maximum benefit for members (riders & ROs) from the minimum effort and leave the really fancy AI bits up to the biological intelligence maybe


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