Seeing the Opal card reader being instaled at my local train station I took to the web site.

Ordered my card and wondered if I need a concession card for traveling peak hour with my bike.

Nothing listed -  I sent a question to the provider.  this is what I got back

Dear Michael,


Thank you for contacting Opal Customer Care.


With the Opal Card, your bike travels free. Regardless of Peak or Off Peak. You do not need to purchase a separate Opal Card for this.


Reference Number: 270595



Yours sincerely

Opal Customer Care


going to print this and carry it for the inspectors - in bold font size 72  :-)

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Yeah the Opal card is cool, and you keep finding little extra benefits like the bike thing.

Some of the other nice stuff - if you get on the train before 7am it's 30% cheaper if you use the Opal. I had to go from central to Wynard in a hurry the other day for an appointment. I used the opal and got the train. The return trip was within the hour so it was free.

It works well for me, as I normally ride to work, and use PT infrequently. This means weekly tickets are no good, and I hate lining up at the ticket machines each time I need to get a train.

Same, but I do like my TravelTens for the buses. Still have the ones I bought in August last year on the go.


Yeah I keep the Opal and a Travelten in my wallet for now, but once the busses are on the system I can ditch the travelten.

This has been in the Opal FAQ since last July when they started the "trial" on City Circle & Eastern Suburbs trains

What is the policy as an Opal card user for travelling with a bike?

You just need a valid Opal card for yourself and you do not pay a separate fare for a bike.

Bikes can only be taken onto trains and ferries, not buses.

So as long as your start and destination stations have Opal machines you get bike free but if paper ticket not? (odd)

Still a problem getting a bike on the over-crowded trains in peak time though, and some other times sharing with mega prams and very oversized luggage.

mega prams 


How much pram pushing have you done? It's like cycling. Parents need "mega prams" because of the shitty infrastructure in this country. One moment there is a crappy foot path, the next there isn't etc etc. The small solid plastic wheeled.... ermmm... micro prams don't cut it outside of the CBD or malls. And then, if you want to carry some shopping too... (fine in the old days when mum stayed at home and did a little shopping every day at the local shop within easy walking distance). I am actually looking for a new pram with decent wheels you can push over grass etc at the moment because our older one is on it's last wheels and only "mega prams" have them.

Next you are going to complain about mums/parents driving their kids everywhere....?

Good call.

Si ,not complaining about mega prams, I share a lot of train trips with them and bike and we are a close little group at the train ends, was just pointing out that till now the mega prams travelled free in peak and bikes not, I do a lot of train trips with bike but mostly weekends and often share a train end with 2 or 3 big prams (because I start at the ends of the lines, Penrith or Richmond etc I am there first) and we repel all others and admire each others wheels etc. Not that I can recall much but my parents (no car till I was much older) would have taken me on a lot on trains in a big non collapsible whicker work / cane clam shell pram. Chill there Si

I'm chilled. Just have learned a lot since being a parent. Big prams and big cars are a symptom of infrastructure (shitty/non-existent footpaths) and law (child seats - you can't have kids on laps like when I was a kid), yet parents are castigated for them. And, the stares you can get for daring to take up room with a pram on a bus... not sure about trains as I have only caught them on the weekend.

Seriously, if you told a parent "I have a small pram which will suit your current needs" you'd sell loads!! There must be some technological reason why this does not happen, or most parents are like us and have the mega pram and a smaller car/city pram.

Bill, if Si has pram aged kids, then he's likely been sleep deprived for years now. That kind of torture takes its toll on even the strongest of us. So it's not surprising he comes across a little cranky .... Worst part is that once the circadian rhythms have reset themselves, they often never go back. I know my (now teenage) kids sleep like the dead, but I still wake up at the slightest noise ... And then lie there for hours ...

Considerate people fold their prams on PT, and don't leave them in the bicycle spaces.

It's great that the inequity of one piece of luggage costing extra while another does not has been ironed out because it was too hard to ask cyclists to carry two opals.

Martin, I look forward to your tips on how to fold a pram containing a sleeping infant.


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