Seeing the Opal card reader being instaled at my local train station I took to the web site.

Ordered my card and wondered if I need a concession card for traveling peak hour with my bike.

Nothing listed -  I sent a question to the provider.  this is what I got back

Dear Michael,


Thank you for contacting Opal Customer Care.


With the Opal Card, your bike travels free. Regardless of Peak or Off Peak. You do not need to purchase a separate Opal Card for this.


Reference Number: 270595



Yours sincerely

Opal Customer Care


going to print this and carry it for the inspectors - in bold font size 72  :-)

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I look forward to his tips on how to fold a pram with a < 1 year old at all. I suppose you could just lay them down on the floor while you do it or something.

I managed, all those years ago. Usually by putting child on shoulder. We only had a stroller, not a mega-pram tho. People will usually help, if you ask, too.

Often I'd use a pouch, thus avoiding the problem entirely.

That's as ignorant as your average dumb bogan driver claiming cyclists should use the footpath because they do not pay rego.

My comment comes from years of parenting and PT use. Hardly based on ignorance therefore. Tho it must be pointed out that buses and trains didn't have the flip up seats then, so you HAD to fold or walk. Generally you fold prior to boarding.

We never used a stroller. Carried the kids in a Baby Bjorn or one of those backpack things until they are big enough to walk, then they walked. Or rode their balance bikes. 

I must admit the walking took forever - what should be a ten minute walk to the station could sometimes take forty minutes after you have spoken to every dog, cat, bird and lizard, picked every flower and stuck a stick in every crack.

I was often amused by the parents who would use a stroller to ferry their kids 50m from where they parked their car.

As an owner of a mega pram I found 1 particularly useful feature.  At crowded event, fairs fetes and shows a heavy solid frame made the stumbling masses cautious of a barked shin or foot impact.  I think that makes me a bully but people so seldom consider walking a 3yo would be slower and far more impact than wheeling the pram around.  And it minimised my DAD rage!!!   :-)

My wife and I often lament the loss of our emmalunga :

Our "mega pram" is a Phil & Teds sports buggy

Sounds like it's made for an Excellent Adventure

Maybe. Did you use it when #2 was < 6 months? How did you configure it for this? How old was #1 at the time?

And when you were buying prams and stuff, did you look analytically/admiringly at other's prams like you do with bikes? :)

If I don't feel like riding home, I ride to central and catch the newcastle train to eastwood / epping.

They have a bike hook at the end of each carriage.

I catch a lot of Newcastle trains, if I have a 06:00 Audax start at Hornsby the only train that will get you there on time is the 04:45 Newcastle train from Central country platforms, I go to the first carriage as the drunks etc heading home won't make it that far but even then I won't leave bike unguarded in those "bike racks" as they are too small for most bikes, the connecting carriage door won't open without hitting the handle bars, had a mirror broken that way, much prefer the newer ones with bike / pram accessible sections at 2 ends of the carriage.

Front carriage has some drawbacks though, Mark and I were there heading for a Hornsby start, having a quiet discussion about the day ahead when a person came from the centre of the upstairs section to tell us that this was a "quiet carriage" and we should not be talking (so loud?)

I never use the bike racks and I always stay with my bike (one of the benefits of carrying a fold up camp seat when touring).  I can't/won't hang my bike up with touring gear on it.  I've found the best place is in the middle of the train, if it's made up of 2 different 4 or 2 car sets.  That way you don't have the loonies who wander from carriage to carriage pushing your bike out of the way, because there is no further access due to the locked guard and driver compartments on each train set.  The only movement in those vestibules is on/off the train.


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