Seeing the Opal card reader being instaled at my local train station I took to the web site.

Ordered my card and wondered if I need a concession card for traveling peak hour with my bike.

Nothing listed -  I sent a question to the provider.  this is what I got back

Dear Michael,


Thank you for contacting Opal Customer Care.


With the Opal Card, your bike travels free. Regardless of Peak or Off Peak. You do not need to purchase a separate Opal Card for this.


Reference Number: 270595



Yours sincerely

Opal Customer Care


going to print this and carry it for the inspectors - in bold font size 72  :-)

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Um, but what if the destination station has no way to tap off? You get charged the maximum.

well make sure one end is working. I knew Sydenham was working so tried the Parramatta end at teh beginning of my journey.

Hmm, the default fare is $8.10. A return ticket will set me back $9.20.

Is the default fare return? I guess not...

Default fare will cover return on Opal if within an hour of commencing the original leg.

A bit of a steady please on name calling in this discussion, and hypocrisy too.

I understand now why Kylie and John pulled their accounts from SC and caused considerable mayhem to discussions in so doing. It's sure to happen again. Not my recourse of choice, but I am quite sure some people will see that as a better option than hanging around to defend themselves from the replies of boors.

It's OK to disagree here, robust discussion is healthy. It's OK to be wrong. It's fun to be a bit twisted and cynical.

But name calling isn't alright. Try to be objective, take other people's perspectives now and again and avoid being too personal eh.

Were you using it for yourself only or with your kid for $2.50 Sunday ticket?

Info from Rail Sunday tickets stated,

  • The travelling group must be related and include at least one adult and one child.

Well I did a few trips Sunday and only got charged $2.50  - I was with a 4 year old but how would they know that?

My guess is they give Opal card users the $2.50 deal regardless.


Not Sinday family tickets Snowy, Opal has a capped Sunday fare of $2.50 for all forms of transport and as far as you can go to the limits of the network, time tables will limit you in reality but end points are Goulburn (Mossvale more practical?) , Bathurst ((Lithgow same?) Scone, Dungog , Newcastle, Nowra or anywhere in between and you can take your bike on all of them (except buses)

Pre Opal I had some friends who did 1,100km in a long day on the then day ticket of $20.00, they are keen to beat that for $2.50 now

1,100km with cityrail is an alternative to self flagellation I suppose

Just as well. Because my bike doesn't have its own credit card to link to its Opal card. Although that being said, it does a pretty good job of putting a dent in my credit card...

I'm an infrequent train traveller, so unlikely to ever benefit from the "any trips after 8 in a week are free" feature. But for me the single biggest benefit of my Opal card is not having a pocket full of coins after paying for a $4.10 ticket with a $20 note!

Gladys says you will soon be able to buy Opal cards from newsagents and load money on them manually any time you like.

They won't be registered like the ones linked to your c/c so will have the privacy advantage of making you untraceable as well.

As long as you leave your mobile at home.

And don't pay your newsagent via credit card either...

Dammit, I'm going to need to get my tinfoil helmet out again...

Seriously, I may have a member in my (extended) family who got upset with the SHB went cashless, as he thought the information was being / may be provided to the ATO, and they'd be able to work out the only reason he was crossing the bridge from the inner west where he lived, was to do cash jobs on the northern beaches. Which he was.


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