Seeing the Opal card reader being instaled at my local train station I took to the web site.

Ordered my card and wondered if I need a concession card for traveling peak hour with my bike.

Nothing listed -  I sent a question to the provider.  this is what I got back

Dear Michael,


Thank you for contacting Opal Customer Care.


With the Opal Card, your bike travels free. Regardless of Peak or Off Peak. You do not need to purchase a separate Opal Card for this.


Reference Number: 270595



Yours sincerely

Opal Customer Care


going to print this and carry it for the inspectors - in bold font size 72  :-)

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Very nice. Needs more stations :-) 

Opal operated bike sheds at stations, cool! First in first served so probably no good after about 8 am. One planned at Redfern, but not at Central so far, where they could better usethe space that the Rail Office Wallahs use to park their vehicles under cover near the light rail platform. Nothing like a Dutch bike parking station tho. Should be thinking bigger IMO.

Heard about the new changes on the radio;

1. No more freebies after 8 trips but drops to half fare.  This will probably kill of those who were cheating by using the tram stops.

2. $2 discount when transferring between train and bus.  This seems quite fair, as if your journey consists of 2 trains its one fare but  not if you mix

I won't pay extra for a mode change, it is something they cause not I.

Especially ghastly with the removal of George St buses.

"Heard about the new changes on the delayed radio;"

What have the radio jock shocks been doing with alcohol and the funny green stuff with forgotten minds do have the delayed announcement about the Opal changes?

It had been mentioned on this SC thread on 11th May.

Opal themselves announced on Thursday May 19.

Worth noting that the Sunday cap stays at $2.50, and that most of the increases IPART recommended did not get up.

I suspect that the shitstorm from the earlier announcements such as $1,000 / year more for long distance commuters made them reign in their increases.

Not sure if we can infer that there's a shred of democracy & consultation left in NSW.

"Not sure if we can infer that there's a shred of democracy & consultation left in NSW."

Nup! Long gone, as is statesmanship and looking after the interests of the people/community/country.

Any odds on the 2017 increase being a catch-up in addition to annual inflation?

2019 will be an interesting year for elections - State in March and Fe'ral at a time to be decided. It really is time that we had fixed term Fe'ral parliaments!

I reckon they will do a big catch up when motoring becomes more expensive again.

Regardless, the big Opal win for us has been bikes on trains and trams with no charge.


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